Bank Transfer (ACH)

888 Sport USA provides all legal-age, registered players with quick and easy access to bank transfer options. Bank transfer, or ACH, is a safe way to deposit funds into your 888sport US account, and to withdraw funds from your 888sport US account. Bank transfers go by several different names, including Fast Bank Transfer, Direct Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, Bank Wire, or ACH.

At 888 Sport US, you’re welcome to deposit/withdraw using the bank transfer option. We will give you all the relevant information (banking details) necessary for deposits into your online sports betting account. Once you’re ready to cash out your winnings, or your available balance, you can do so using your account info for the withdrawal.

Wire transfers are considered 100% safe and secure ways of transferring money from point A to point B. We recommend that you contact your bank regarding any fees or commissions associated with ACH transfers. All bank transfers are electronic funds transfers. It is possible to transfer funds between individuals, or companies. Here in New Jersey, the length of time it takes to process an ACH transfer will vary from bank to bank. Bank security protocol and verification procedures are responsible for the time taken to finalize these money transfers.

Be advised that there are different fees involved in transferring funds between different banks. For example, sender fees, receiver fees, or both may be incurred when you use ACH transfers. ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, and these types of money transfers are accepted throughout the US. 888 Sport USA fully supports the bank transfer option for depositing and withdrawing funds to/from your sportsbook account. If you are currently in New Jersey, and at least 21+ years of age, you are eligible to use this banking option for deposits & withdrawals.

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How We Rate Bank Transfers:

888 Sport USA backs bank transfers as guaranteed safe and secure ways of depositing and withdrawing funds. ACH offers cost-effective, user-friendly, and secure money transfers between people and companies.

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ACH transactions are processed directly from your bank account to your 888 Sport USA account in NJ. It is easy to set up bank transfers for deposits and withdrawals.

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Fees and Charges3.5/5

888 Sport USA does not add on any fees for bettors using ACH for deposits and withdrawals. It is a good idea to contact your local bank for details of any fees that may be levied on your deposits and withdrawals with bank transfers.

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888 Sport US backs banks transfer (ACH) options as one of the safest and most reliable ways to deposit/withdraw funds to/from your account.

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As a registered player at 888 Sport USA, you can easily access bank transfers for all deposits and withdrawals.

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888 Sport US takes just 10 minutes to process bank deposits from your bank account into your 888 account. Withdrawals take a little more time, since verification needs to take place. Note that it can take as many as 6 days for bank transfers (withdrawals) to be processed.

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Why Should You Use Bank Transfers at 888 Sport USA?

Bank transfers (ACH) are easy to use. These automated transactions take place between your bank and 888 Sport USA. Plus, bank transfers are available around-the-clock and guaranteed secure. Bank transfers do not require you stop in at your local New Jersey bank to process the deposits or withdrawals. Since you don’t need to use checks, envelopes, stamps, and papers – it’s also a green way to do your online banking.

Safety & Security

All bank transfer (ACH) transactions at 888 Sport US are 100% secure. All participating banks are licensed and authorized to transfer funds to 888 Sport US. And our bookmaker is fully regulated to offer real money sports betting services to legal age players in state.

Easy to Use

The process of depositing and withdrawing funds is easily done with the bank transfer (ACH) payment method. Simply login to your 888 Sport USA account with the username/password you created. Next, head over to the cashier and choose the bank transfer option from the list of banking methods. You can deposit or withdraw using bank transfer (ACH).

Rapid Processing of Transactions

It takes just 10 minutes to process deposits between your bank account and 888 Sport USA. Withdrawals may take longer, given that there is a wait time of 2 days. The processing of the withdrawals can take an extra 4 days. The total withdrawal time can be up to 6 business days.


888 Sport USA will not charge you anything to deposit or withdraw funds using bank transfers. Be advised that your local bank may tack on additional charges (fees for incoming wires, outgoing wires, or commissions). It’s a good idea to get in touch with your local bank to determine if there are any fees and whether this is an affordable option for you.

Bank transfers (ACH) transactions are available to all registered players at 888 Sport USA.

How to Deposit Using Bank Transfer (ACH) at 888 Sport USA?

Automated Clearing House Transactions, a.k.a. bank transfers (ACH) are easy to use. When depositing funds into your sportsbook account, simply register as a new bettor and complete these steps:

  1. Confirm That Your Bank is Approved to Offer ACH transfers to 888 Sport USA. Multiple banks process deposits and withdrawals with 888 Sport USA, including: HSBC Bank USA, ING Direct, PNC, Chase, SunTrust, Regions, Bank of America, BB&T, TD Bank, U.S. Bank, New York Community Bank or Capital One 360.
  2. Simply Enter Your Username & Password. This info protects your account from third-party interception, and it is necessary to access your banking details.
  3. Navigate to the Cashier.
  4. Choose the Deposit Option from the Menu.
  5. Enter the Amount You Wish to Deposit.
  6. Select Bank Transfer from the Available Options.
  7. Submit your Request to Process your Deposit.

How to Withdraw Using Bank Transfer (ACH) at 888 Sport USA?

It is as easy to make a withdrawal using bank transfer (ACH) as it is to make a deposit. Follow these steps to withdraw your winnings, or your remaining balance:

  1. Login with Your Username & Password Combination.
  2. Navigate to the Cashier.
  3. Select the Withdrawal Option.
  4. Enter the Amount You Want to Withdraw.
  5. Choose Bank Transfer (ACH).
  6. Confirm the Information and Submit Your Withdrawal.

Where Is the Bank Transfer (ACH) Option Available?

Multiple banks have been authorized to process deposits and withdrawals to/from your 888 Sport USA account. A sampling of these banks includes the following: SBC Bank USA, ING Direct, PNC, Chase, SunTrust, Regions, Bank of America, BB&T, TD Bank, U.S. Bank, New York Community Bank or Capital One 360.

More Info about Bank Transfers

Sports bettors can easily contact customer service at 888 Sport USA for further information on bank transfer (ACH) deposits and withdrawals. You can access customer service through multiple options including:

Email Click Here

Telephone Support – Toll Free: 1-855-218-6234

Availability – Bank Transfer (ACH) options are electronic funds transfers. You can process these transactions online without visiting your local bank.

888 Sport USA backs bank transfer (ACH) as a rapid, secure, and user-friendly way to deposit funds into your account. Bank transfers are also ideal for processing your withdrawals. Sports bettors will have their deposits available within 10 minutes of the bank transfer (ACH). Withdrawals can take as much is 6 business days to process, owing to strict verification procedures. Your personal and banking information is guaranteed secure, thanks to SSL technology, firewall encryption, and password protection.