Cash at Cage

888Sport NJ is fully licensed and regulated by the NJ DGE (New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement) to provide real money sports betting to legal age players in the Garden State. As such, DGE regulation allows sports bettors to deposit and withdraw – in cash – through Caesars Atlantic City Casino.

You can visit the casino in person, deposit funds into your account, or withdraw your winnings/remaining balance. To get started with this banking option, simply visit Caesars Atlantic City Casino in person at 2100 Pacific Ave., Atlantic City, NJ, 08401. This is a safe, secure, and trusted way of depositing and withdrawing funds to/from your 888Sport NJ account. Various security measures are in place to ensure that only you can transact on your account. For example, valid photo ID and account verification is needed to complete transactions.

Whether you are depositing, or withdrawing, you simply need to show up in person at Caesars Atlantic City Casino, at the Casino Cage. A casino employee will be waiting to assist you at the Casino Cage. Strict security measures are in place to protect the integrity of your account.

You will be required to present suitable identification to the cashier to verify your account ID. Once this has been done, your deposit or withdrawal can proceed. You will need to tell the cashier how much you would like to deposit into your 888Sport NJ account. Once the request has been processed, the funds will instantly be transferred into your sports betting account.

Withdrawals require further ID verification. Any withdrawals from your 888Sport NJ account will be paid to the account holder – you – in cash. To begin, you will be required to login to your 888Sport NJ account, and then navigate to the cashier. Locate the withdrawal tab, and then choose your withdrawal method. In this case, select Caesars Atlantic City. At this time, there are no other Casino Cage withdrawal venues available for 888Sport NJ players. After you have selected the Casino Cage option, click the withdrawal button. At this point, you must input the token number that was emailed to you.

This finalizes the withdrawal request, and you will have 15 days within which to collect your funds from the Casino Cage at Caesars Atlantic City Casino. Be advised that this is an in-person collection, and no checks or money orders will be mailed to you.

When you deposit or withdraw through Caesars Atlantic City Casino Cage, all your transactions are secure. For withdrawal requests, you will always receive your money in cash from a cashier at the Casino Cage. The minimum amount that you can deposit at the Caesars Casino Cage is $10, and the maximum that you can deposit is $100,000. For withdrawal requests, there are no minimum withdrawal amounts – suffice it to say that you must have the money available in your account.

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Our Rating of Cash via the Casino Cage at Caesars Atlantic City

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888 Sport NJ cash via the Casino Cage is a convenient, safe, and effective way to deposit funds into your sports betting account, and to withdraw your profits, or remaining balance. Please remember that you must be physically present to use Cash via the Casino Cage. Be sure to have your account information handy to process these transactions.

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Fees and Charges5/5

888Sport NJ does not add any fees to cash deposits or withdrawals when using the Casino Cage at Caesars Atlantic City.

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When you deposit or withdraw funds using Cash at the Cage, you’re assured of 100% safety and security. We utilize multiple identity checks and account verification procedures to ensure that only you can access funds in your account.

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You can use the Caesars Casino Cage for deposits and withdrawals anytime you like. This method for depositing funds into your 888Sport NJ account, or withdrawing funds from your account is available 24/7. Caesars Atlantic City Casino never closes, and neither does your access to the Casino Cage. This makes it far more convenient than visiting a local bank in New Jersey which typically has business hours from Monday-Friday, with limited availability on Saturdays.

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Cash via the Casino Cage in Atlantic City requires several steps to be undertaken before you can process transactions. Fortunately, the process is quick and easy to complete, and once you’ve complied with all requirements, you can easily deposit or withdraw funds. Naturally, the processing time depends on how busy the cashiers are at the time. Usually, you won’t have to wait more than a few minutes.

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Why Should You Use Cash at the Cage for Deposits/Withdrawals at 888Sport NJ?

888Sport NJ offers you many secure banking options for deposits and withdrawals. Since we have an official working partnership with Caesars Atlantic City Casino, you can benefit from that by depositing or withdrawing funds at the Casino Cage. This is a secure way to process your banking transactions. 888Sport NJ is fully licensed and regulated by the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement.

We work alongside Caesars Atlantic City Casino to provide you with a full spread of sports betting options. This deposit/withdrawal option is available to all real money players at our bookmaker. To get started, simply login to your 888Sport NJ account from anywhere in the Garden State, and you will be able to process your banking transactions instantly. The Casino Cage is ideal for deposits and withdrawals. You are required to verify your account info for deposits and for withdrawals.

Security Considerations

You can securely process deposits/withdrawals from your 888Sport NJ account from the Casino Cage at your leisure. The security detail at a traditional bank and the Casino Cage is identical. Caesars Atlantic City Casino is protected with high-tech surveillance systems, police, and security guards. All transactions are 100% secure.


While it is relatively simple to process transactions at the Casino Cage, it’s not quite as easy as making online payment transfers. 888Sport NJ bettors need to be physically present at the Casino Cage to complete these transactions. This is the only way that you can use the Cash at Cage option.

Transactions Processing Speed

888Sport NJ bettors will be happy to know that all Cash at Cage transactions are processed instantly. The Casino Cage simply requires that you comply with ID verification before using this method. If there is a lengthy wait time, you can simply come back a little later and make your deposit or withdrawal request.

Affordable Solution

The Cash at Cage option at Caesars Atlantic City Casino comes with no cost. This is a complimentary service available to 888Sport NJ customers.

Convenient Banking Solution

888Sport NJ deposits and withdrawals are easily processed at the Casino Cage. Telephones located next to the Casino Cage make it easy for you to process your deposits. You must provide valid identification, such as a driver’s license, ID card, or passport to the cashier, in addition to account information. Tell the cashier how much you want to deposit, and the transaction will be processed. For withdrawals, there are additional requirements to satisfy. You must provide proof of ID, account information and further details to satisfy the security requirements.

How Can You Deposit into Your 888Sport NJ Account Using Cash at Cage?

As soon as you’re ready to deposit funds into your sports betting account at 888Sport NJ, follow these steps:

  • Make your way to the Caesars Atlantic City Casino Cage located at 2100 Pacific Ave., Atlantic City, 08401, New Jersey.
  • Provide proof of your ID to the cashier. This includes a birth certificate, passport, ID card, or driver’s license.
  • Inform the cashier how much you wish to deposit into your account. As soon as the info has been verified, the deposit will be processed, and the funds will be available in your sports betting account.

How to Withdraw Funds from Your 888Sport NJ Account with Cash at Cage?

There are several steps involved in withdrawing funds from your 888Sport NJ account. These security steps are designed to protect the integrity of your account. The 4-step process for withdrawals involves the following:

  1. Enter your username/password for your 888Sport NJ account. Next, head over to the cashier and choose the withdrawal option. On the drop-down menu, click on Cash at Cage. At this time, Caesars Atlantic City is the only Cash at Cage option.
  2. It can take up to 24 hours after the withdrawal request to receive email confirmation. Keep this handy.
  3. Next, head over to Caesars Casino Atlantic City and present them with your ID and your withdrawal approval from 888Sport NJ.
  4. As soon as casino representatives have verified your information, your cash will be dispensed to you. You will be required to sign a receipt notice.

How Do I Access the Cash at Casino Cage Payment Option?

888Sport NJ bettors are required to visit Caesars Casino in Atlantic City to deposit and/or withdraw funds through their account. The minimum age requirement is 21, and you must be physically present to process this transaction. The Cash at Cage option is one of several deposit & withdrawal methods available to you at 888Sport NJ.

More Info on Cash at Cage

If you require additional information about depositing/withdrawing funds through the Casino Cage at Caesars casino Atlantic City, kindly click on this link.

Email –

Telephone – 1-855-218-6234

Available Hours – 24/7

In Summary

For sports bettors currently in New Jersey, Cash at the Cage is a convenient solution for depositing and withdrawing funds. All banking transactions conducted through this method are guaranteed secure, since everything takes place at Caesars Casino Atlantic City. It is easy to deposit or withdraw money to/from your 888Sport NJ account with this banking method. You will be required to log in to your 888Sport NJ account using your username/password to initiate the process.

Next, head over to the cashier and enter your banking request – deposit or withdrawal. You will pass through several identity verification checks to ensure that this is your account and to validate your request. All withdrawals requests must be initiated through the online cashier. Once you have all the necessary information, and you have verified your ID, you will be required to answer several security questions. The minimum deposit with the Cash at Cage option is $10, and the maximum is $100,000. There are no limitations on withdrawal requests at the Casino Cage, provided you have the funds available in your account