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How to place the best basketball bets?

The popularity of basketball betting is off the hook across New Jersey. The legalization of NJ online sports betting is a big win for basketball fans who enjoy making a quick buck betting on their favorite teams. Now, all legal-age players can place basketball bets on the NBA, WNBA, or NCAA. You can bet at lightning speed, with live in-game betting on the NBA, from the comforts of home or on the go.

As New Jersey's premier online bookmaker, 888sport offers unbeatable NBA lines for players. Whether you’re betting on individual matches in the Eastern Conference or Western Conference, the playoffs, or the NBA Championship, you're assured of the best basketball betting action at 888 Sport. It’s as easy clicking on a team you want to win, placing a bet, and adding it to your bet slip.

Basketball betting options – 888sport

Basketball betting continues to attract growing numbers of sports bettors across the state. You can easily place basketball bets on PC, Mac, Android or iOS devices, with live in-play betting available too. A quick understanding of basketball lines goes a long way. Betting with the point spread is not the same as betting on which NBA team, or WNBA team, will win or lose. The point spread is a bet on how many points that team will win/lose by.

It's easy to understand point spread betting, since it features (+) and (-) symbols. If you see a (+), that team must win the game, or lose the game, by less than the number of points in that basketball line. If you see a (-), that team must win the game by a bigger points total than the line shows. Assume the Wizards are playing the Bulls and the point spread looks like this:

  • Washington Wizards +2.5
  • @ Chicago Bulls -2.5

In this case, the Washington Wizards must win the game outright by 2 points, or lose by 2 points to cover the spread and qualify for a win. The Chicago Bulls must win by at least 3 points to cover the spread and qualify for a win. You can place point spread bets on portions of a basketball game too, such as the first half, or the second half. Remember: spreads say nothing about your basketball payouts, those are determined by the moneyline odds.

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Score more with moneyline betting – 888sport

The point spread provides the rules according to which your teams must win or lose for you to get paid out. Even if the team you bet on wins, it may not win the point spread if the numbers don't add up. Once you've satisfied the point spread in your bet, the moneyline odds determine how much you get paid. These rules work for the NBA, the WNBA, and the NCAA too. Check out our blog for latest the CBB news, and then come on over to 888sport for the best NCAA women's basketball odds.

Ready for the big leagues? If the Washington Wizards beat the Chicago Bulls and their odds are -180, that means you must bet $180 to win $100 on the Washington Wizards. For more info, check out our moneyline betting rules. If the Washington Wizards have odds of (+170), it means you can win $170 for a $100 bet on this team. The (-) represents the favorite team, and the (+) represents the underdog. That's pretty much what you need to know about basketball betting!

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Basketball playoffs – 888sport

The NBA features world-class athletes competing for their prestigious teams, in pursuit of the NBA Championship title. Teams are divided up into the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. There are 15 teams in each NBA Conference, with the top 8 seeds from the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference going into the playoffs. These teams are ranked according to their performance.

The team with the higher seeding gets a home-court advantage during the postseason. This really helps in the playoffs, given that the postseason is played in a 2-2-1-1-1 format. Leagues may change the rules of the playoffs in the future, potentially bringing 2 teams from the same Conference to meet up in the NBA finals. This makes it really exciting for players who enjoy basketball betting. The WNBA Finals already allow the two best teams to go head-to-head, irrespective of which Conference they play in.

You can get the best WNBA betting lines right here at 888sport. We follow the action from the first play until the clock runs out. We guarantee unbeatable basketball lines on all your favorite tournaments, from your PC, Mac, or mobile device. Register at 888 Sport, get your bonus, and score more. We’re always ready to crank up the action with live in-play betting on basketball. Place your bets on NCAAB, NBA and WNBA games while they are taking place, with the best basketball odds in Jersey!


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