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Women's College Basketball Odds at 888sport

There are currently 64 teams competing in the NCAA Division for Women’s Basketball, and this means that you can now enjoy top NCAAW betting lines on the widest range of betting options.

The team with the most titles is Connecticut, but many other top NCAA Women’s Basketball teams are snapping at their heels. The women’s basketball teams that make it into the NCAA tournament are picked according to their win/loss records, team rankings, and RPI (Ratings Percentage Index) among others.

Women’s Basketball betting is now a reality in several states across the US including New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada, and others. There are currently at least 17 states preparing legislation to regulate sports betting, and this number is growing all the time. New Jersey Gov. Phil D. Murphy wasted no time signing a comprehensive online sports betting bill into law in the Garden State.

The biggest NCAA Women’s Basketball betting activity takes place during March Madness, and 32 teams will be selected to compete in this prestigious event. This prestigious college basketball tournament is held annually in March.

NCAA Women’s Basketball Betting Favorites

Connecticut tops the charts as one of the hot favorites in the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament. However, you can enjoy top NCAAW betting lines on many other teams like Tennessee, Baylor, Louisiana Tech, Notre Dame, Stanford, and USC.

There is little between Connecticut and Tennessee, with both teams claiming a high number of titles between them, and both schools having approximately 40 appearances and 20 championships combined. Many colleges across the US are actively developing their NCAA Women’s Basketball Teams with fresh talent, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on latest NCAAW lines and with our basketball tips.

What Type of Bets Can You Place on NCAA Women’s Basketball?

NCAA Women’s Basketball betting offers the same bets as NBA betting. NCAA Women’s Basketball betting includes handicap & totals bets, half-time bets, quarter 1, quarter 2, second-half bets, quarter 3, and quarter 4.

You can also take double chance – result at the end of quarter 4, result at the end of quarter 4, overtime bets and the like. When you are betting on women’s basketball at college level, it’s important to understand the point spread, over under bets (totals), money line bets (winners of games), parlays, and more.

888 Sport NJ offers you competitive NCAA Women’s Basketball odds on the widest range of bets at the click of a button. We also offer live betting while matches are taking place so that you can enjoy dynamic odds as the game changes in real time!


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