Here's a fun post for all our MLB fans out there! Who are the hottest baseball players’ wives? We've got an A-List of smoking hot MLB wives to share with you, and boy oh boy are they stunning! As the satire goes, ‘Gentlemen prefer blondes but gentlemen marry brunettes!’ – let's take a look at this stellar list of smoking-hot MLB wives.

Advisory: These MLB babes are about to seriously crank up the heat! If these gals can't get you betting online, nothing will!

Hottest MLB Wives

* Missy Coles
* Jen Lopez
* Joanna Garcia Swisher
* Heidi DeRosa
* Shelby Lucero
* Jaime Edmonson
* Karina Smirnoff
* Morgan Hand

Missy Coles

Charlie Neibergall and AP

Missy Coles is super-hot. She is currently ensconced with MLB fast-man, Michael Schwimmer. As a former pitcher for the legendary Toronto Blue Jays, Michael Schwimmer certainly lucked out with Missy Coles, a gorgeous personal trainer and bodybuilder. She has the physique of a goddess, with stunning good looks, and an insatiable appetite for exercise!

Jen Lopez

Chris O'Meara  and AP

If at first you were thrown off by the name, it's Jennifer Lopez! Legendary Hollywood diva, singer, songwriter, movie producer, actress, and sex siren Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to the sports and entertainment world. She plans to marry her longtime beau, Alex Rodriguez after the coronavirus pandemic. They are currently engaged with plans to marry, so she is a contender for this list of hottest MLB wives.

Joanna Garcia Swisher

MLB Player Wives

If you don't remember the name ‘Swisher’, here's a refresher! Remember MLB world champion, Nick Swisher? Joanna Garcia Swisher is his gorgeous wife. This power couple cuts a fine form in pictures, and their names are splashed across the Internet for all the good work that they're always doing. She is a gorgeous auburn-haired bombshell, and the ladies say equally great things about her MLB champ husband, Nick Swisher!

Heidi DeRosa

Steven Senne and AP

Who is Heidi Derosa? She is only one of the most gorgeous gals around… but I'm not biased towards brunettes! As the beautiful wife to @MarkDero7 a.k.a Mark DeRosa, Heidi DeRosa is beauty personified. Her hubby, a former Pro Bowl player, now works for the MLB Network at MLB Central. He has been married to Heidi for over 17+ years, so we know this union is forged in steel. PS, he played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Chicago Cubs, and the Toronto Blue Jays between 1998 and 2013.

Shelby Lucero

Roger Steinman and AP

There's a lot to be said for Shelby Lucero. As the wife of Blake Swihart, she is truly every bit as beautiful as she is happy. They got married in 2017/2018, during baseball's off-season, and they've been on Cloud Nine ever since. Shelby Lucero met husband Blake in 2013, and she is best described as a spiritual, warm, and loving person. She sports a six pack, and she works hard at living well. Blake Swihart was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in Round One, overall pick #26, back in 2011.

Jaime Edmondson

Omar Vega and AP

Ready for another hottie? Here it comes! Jamie Edmondson is the wife of MLB superstar, Evan Longoria. No, that's not Eva Longoria, since she doesn't play for the MLB, but they would make a superhot couple! Jamie Edmondson Longoria also cuts a fine form on the covers of magazines, and on herInstagram account (Jamiefaith3) it shows just how beautiful she is to the world. Described by IMDb (Internet Movie Database) as a, ‘ravishing redhead knockout’, Jamie Edmondson is a Georgia native who moved to South Florida, and became a contestant in The Amazing Race TV series. Evan Longoria, her husband, plays for the San Francisco Giants.

Karina Smirnoff

John Salangsang and AP

A quick Google search of Karina Smirnoff will instantly perk up your attention. She’s simply stunning. This MLB player wife is a Soviet-born [‘Smirnoff’ sort of gives it away] ballroom dancer. She has featured prominently on Dancing with the Stars. She performed incredibly well in the competition, winning the 13th Season along with partner JR Martinez. She recently shared a beautiful family picture of her son Theo Gabriel with readers in People Magazine. Incidentally, she was engaged to Brad Penny, but that ended. So, she was on the 'to wed' listing of MLB hotties.

Morgan Hand

Tony Dejak and AP

Remember Brad Hand? Well, Morgan Hand is his wife! She lives in my hometown, Jupiter, Florida, and has 1600+ followers on Instagram. She's down-to-earth, and strikingly beautiful. Brad Hand currently plays for the Cleveland Indians, #33  Pitcher with a career record of 7.0 WAR, 26 wins, 43 losses, and an ERA of 3.65. He started out with the Florida Marlins back in 2011, then the Miami Marlins, The San Diego Padres, settling with the Cleveland Indians to the current day.

There you have it folks! These are appropriately the 8 hottest MLB player wives, in my humble opinion. Now, there are plenty of others, including Heidi Hamels, Angie Asche, Christina DiTullio, Kristen Harabedian, Lauren Anderson, Stephenie LaGrossa, Amanda Kluber, Danyll Gammon, Kourtney Elizabeth, Cindy Morton, Erica May-Scherzer, and Erin Romero. Drool over them at your leisure as you enjoy MLB betting!

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