Week 3 NFL odds week 3 NFL betting lines NFL lines week 3

Game  Opening Spread Total points
Dolphins@Jaguars  -3 Under/Over 48
Bears@Falcons -3 Under/Over 47.5
Bengals@Eagles -5 Under/Over 46.5
Raiders@Patriots -5.5 Under/Over 48
Texans@Steelers -4 Under/Over 45
Rams@Bills -2 Under/Over 47.5
49ers@Giants +4 Under/Over 41
Titans@Vikings +2.5 Under/Over 47.5
Washington@Browns -7 Under/Over 44
Panthers@Chargers -6.5 Under/Over 44
Jets@Colts -10.5 Under/Over 43.5
Buccaneers@Broncos +6 Under.Over 43.5
Cowboys@Seahawks -5 Under/Over 55.5
Lions@Cardinals -5.5 Under/Over 54.5
Packers@Saints -3.5 Under/Over 51,5
Chiefs@Ravens -3.5 Under/Over 53.5

NFL action kicks off in earnest for Week 3. 888sport NJ brings you the ultimate NFL betting action. You want top NFL betting odds, betting lines, and spreads – you got’em. Week 3 football betting features an impressive lineup. Read our NFL tips and place your bets like a boss!

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The Miami Dolphins are ready to make a big splash against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday 24 September, at 8:20 PM EDT. The Dolphins will swim upstream to TIAA Bank Field, in Jacksonville, Florida. The last time these two teams met (22 August 2019), the Dolphins won 22:7. This time around, the Dolphins are 0-2, and the Jaguars are 1-1. NFL betting odds week 3 Dolphins@Jaguars have the Jaguars as odds-on favorites against the Dolphins with money lines and spreads going with the big cats.

Currently, the Dolphins average 19.1 PPG, while the Jaguars average 18.8 PPG.  The Dolphins narrowly lost to the Buffalo Bills (31-28) in Week 2, with 15 points coming from the Dolphins in the fourth quarter. Miami faces Seattle next week, so they need a win this week. But the big cats are equally hungry for victory after coming within a whisker of beating the Tennessee Titans, but ultimately losing 30-33.
Make your play with Dolphins@Jaguars for NFL betting week 3


The Houston Texans will lock horns with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, 27 September at 1 PM EDT, at Heinz Field, Pittsburgh. The Texans enter week 3 (0-2), while the Steelers are going for their third successive win (2-0). In terms of league rankings, the Steelers are ahead in Offense, Defense, Passing, and Rushing. The last time these two teams met, the Pittsburgh Steelers trounced the Houston Texans 34:6 on 25 December, 2017. Things are different now, and the Texans are eager to put some winning points on the board.

888sport NJ NFL betting odds clearly show the Steelers as the favorites. In fact, of their last 5 meetings, the Steelers have beaten the Texans 4 times. Fortunately, both teams are playing at full strength. This should be a comfortable win for the Steelers, but you never know which team is capable of seizing victory from the jaws of defeat on the day! Check out our NFL betting odds Week 3 and make it count. The Steelers are first in AFC North, and they will be looking to QB Roethlisberger to continue his winning performances, perhaps with another team victory of 26 points?

Make your play with Texans@Steelers NFL lines week 3.

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The Cincinnati Bengals find themselves up against a formidable foe in the Philadelphia Eagles. The Bengals (0-2) travel to Lincoln Financial Field, in Philadelphia, PA to square off against the Eagles (0-2). Neither team has won yet, making this an exciting NFL betting opportunity. They are pretty evenly matched when they square off on Sunday 27 September at 1 PM EDT. The last time these two teams met, the Bengals defeated the Eagles 32:14, on 4 December, 2016. Recall the Bengals disappointed against the Chargers when they lost 16-13 in Week 1, and they followed that up with another crushing loss to the Browns, with a 35-30 result.

But the Eagles are also up the proverbial creek without a paddle. They were trounced by Washington 27-17, in week 1, but their defeat to the Rams was devastating in week 2 when they lost 37-19. The odds for this game might surprise you, given that the Bengals are clearly losing by much fewer points than the Eagles. As the odds gurus have it, the Philadelphia Eagles are faves to seal the deal. Either way, both teams are hungry for their first win in NFL 2020. Maybe this time QB Wentz will complete a touchdown for the Eagles?

Make your play with Bengals@Eagles NFL lines week 3.


One of the most hyped matches of NFL week 3 kicks off on Sunday 27 September 1 p.m. EDT when the 49ers take on the Giants. San Francisco treks to MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey to lock horns with the Giants. Believe it or not, these teams are pretty evenly matched in terms of defense and passing, and their last meeting on 12 November 2018 had the Giants ahead 27: 23.

Moneyline betting odds for 49ers@Giants clearly shows the favorites as the 49ers, and the Giants as the underdogs. NFL predictions for this week 3 match state that San Francisco should run away with it, with last season's average of 29.6 PPG versus the Giants’ 21.3 PPG. The 49ers have 1 win and 1 loss so far, while the Giants are 0-2 heading into week 3. Where is the safe money? Probably on the 49ers!

Make your play with 49ers@Giants with NFL lines week 3.


The Las Vegas Raiders kicked off Week 1 with an impressive victory, and then took on the Saints on Monday night. The New England Patriots come into week 3 with a win and a loss. The Patriots narrowly lost their second game to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday (30-35), despite putting 13 points on the board in the fourth quarter versus 7 for the Seahawks.

The Raiders have a fortress-like defense, but the Patriots are clearly the better team in terms of Offense, Passing, and Rushing. As a betting person, you are probably going to want to go with the Patriots. With quarterback Cam Newton in contention, and Bill Belichick at the helm, it's a no-brainer. Even without Tom Brady, the Patriots are a solid team.

Make your play with Raiders@Patriots with NFL odds week 3.


The Tennessee Titans face-off against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday 27 September at 1 PM EDT. The Titans travel to US Bank Stadium, in Minneapolis to meet their opponents. The Titans are the better team, with 2 victories to boot in NFL 2020 season. They first beat the Broncos 16-14 in Week1 and beat the Jaguars 33-30 in Week 2.

The Minnesota Vikings are seriously under pressure to win, with 2 losses to date. On paper, the Titans trump the Vikings in all departments – Offense, Defense, Passing, and Rushing. Will the Vikings surprise sports bettors on Sunday? The last time these two teams met, it was the Vikings who beat the Titans 13:3 on 30 August, 2018. Sadly, the Vikings are going to face incredibly strong competition in their next three games, so they desperately need a win against the Titans.

Make your play with Titans@Vikings with NFL betting week 3.

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