We are less than a month away from the greatest football spectacle of the year – Super Bowl LV, in Tampa, Florida! Can you believe it? NFL betting lines are starting to heat up...

We are already in the NFL Divisional Round after a series of explosive games over the weekend. Let’s put some hustle behind that muscle and tackle the NFL Wild Card Round results head-on!

NFL Wild Card Picks: Results

  • Indianapolis Colts 24 – 27 Buffalo Bills

  • Los Angeles Rams 30 – 20 Seattle Seahawks

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 31 – 23 Washington Football Team

  • Baltimore Ravens 20 – 13 Tennessee Titans

  • Chicago Bears 9 – 21 New Orleans Saints

  • Cleveland Browns 48 – 37 Pittsburgh Steelers

That's 6 of the best right there! Thanks to these matchups, we've now got a clear picture of where we stand heading into Super Bowl LV.

Some big upsets in that lineup, including a poor end for the Pittsburgh Steelers, a crushing defeat for the Tennessee Titans, a bruising loss by the Seattle Seahawks, and an end to a spectacular football season for the Indianapolis Colts.

Kudos to the NFL teams that withstood the pressure, and crushed their opponents.

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Thanks to the playoff field, 14 NFL teams have become just 8 NFL teams. The Divisional Round is coming up next.

6 NFL teams have already been eliminated from the 2020 playoffs, and that will thin by another 4 teams by the week's end.  It comes as no surprise that the 18 eliminated teams will be gravely disappointed; better luck next time!

NFL Divisional Weekend Picks: Betting Tips

Turning our attention to the NFL Divisional Round, we have the following matchups ready to go:

  • Rams at Packers

  • Ravens at Bills

  • Browns at Chiefs

  • Buccaneers at Saints

We're going to crank up the heat as we take a look at the NFL betting odds, money lines, and spreads for the Divisional Round.

No doubt you're eager to get your tips for NFL betting, so let's head off to the field of play as we take a stab at some football predictions.

Los Angeles Rams at Green Bay Packers

The Los Angeles Rams stunned the Seattle Seahawks 30-20 to clinch a divisional berth. The Rams are now the #1 ranked team in the NFL this season for defense, and they've got a solid all-round game.

They travel to Lambeau Field, in Green Bay Wisconsin to take on the mighty Green Bay Packers. The Packers are 13-3, and looking to put on a convincing display of football prowess against the Rams. Can they do it? 

Let's take a look at how they rank in the league this season. The Packers are a top-10 team in all departments – offense, defense, passing, and rushing.

The last time these two teams met in October 2018, it was a close scrap, with a 2-point win going to the Rams, 29-27. That match don't matter in this matchup!

We know that Rams superstar Jared Goff has injuries to his hand. He is not operating at full capacity, and that is going to be a concern in this matchup.

If they lose Donald in defense, they will be on the ropes against the powerful Green Bay Packers. Speaking of which, the Packers have had some time off. So, they will be fresh for this crunch match. 

Everyone talks about how great the Los Angeles Rams defense is, but let's not lose sight of the fact that the Green Bay Packers meet them every step of the way.

As a football bettor, you are probably going to want to back Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers to butt the Los Angeles Rams out of Lambeau Field with a convincing victory.

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Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills

Can I get a hooyah for this matchup? This is a biggun! As far as NFL divisional rounds go, it doesn't get more exciting than this folks.

The Baltimore Ravens smashed the Tennessee Titans 20-13 to clinch this spot, and they are going to make it count. The Ravens are the #1 team in rushing in the NFL this season, and the Buffalo Bills are the #2 team in offense. 

What a matchup! Unfortunately, the Baltimore Ravens (11-5) are all over the map when it comes to offense and passing, and they are going to find it difficult to play a tight game against a clearly superior team in the Buffalo Bills (13-3).

The last time these two teams met, in December 2019, the Ravens bested the Bills 24-17. Now, it's game on!

NFL Power Rankings - Divisional Weekend

This is quarterback vs quarterback at its very best. We’ve got Lamar Jackson going head-to-head against Josh Allen, and neither team is going to take any prisoners.

The Ravens are going to have to make their passes count, and that means control over their ground game. They're going to have to up their defense if they want to stay in contention for a win against the Buffalo Bills. 

That the Buffalo Bills smashed the Indianapolis Colts was historic in many ways. As far as NFL money lines go, this could go either way – a huge upset win by the Ravens, or another commanding performance by the Buffalo Bills. It's tight all right!

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Cleveland Browns at Kansas City Chiefs

Did you guys see the Cleveland Browns play? They hammered home the advantage in the wild card round, defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers 48-37. Can't say I was satisfied with that result, being a Steelers fan.

But let's move on! The Cleveland Browns (11-5) travel to Arrowhead Stadium, in Kansas City, Missouri to take on the reigning champions – the Kansas City Chiefs (14-2). KCC has performed exceptionally well this season, as expected. 

They are the #1 ranked team in offense and passing, and while their defense and rushing game needs work, very few teams have challenged them and come away unscathed.

Can the Cleveland Browns upset the Kansas City Chiefs just like they did the Pittsburgh Steelers? It's like chalk and cheese, but let's take a look!

The Browns recorded their first playoff victory in 26+ years – that’s something! Unfortunately, the Steelers entire game fell apart in the latter stages of NFL 2020, so we need to look at Browns@Chiefs in a different light.

If the Chiefs play the way we know them to play, it's going to be a brownout for Cleveland fans. 

The Chiefs have a spectacular offensive field, and they're not scared to go out all guns blazing. Guys like Edwards-Helaire, Hill and Kelse are capable of being game changers, and we know this to be true.

That said, you've got to give it to Cleveland – they played their hearts out and came away victorious. This is another matchup that’s hard to call. The stats suggest that the Chiefs should win, but this is a big game and it's balanced on a knife edge!

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints

As a Floridian, I'm naturally backing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11-5) to come away victorious. But let's not take anything away from the powerful New Orleans Saints.

In terms of stats, the Buccaneers are a top-ranked team in the NFL this season. Tom Brady made a huge difference, and it shows with Buccaneers ranking at #2 in passing, #6 in defense, and #7 in offense. 

TBB travels to Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans Louisiana to take on the New Orleans Saints (12-4).

Their strength is in defense and rushing, and judging from the way they hammered the Buccaneers in November 2020 (38-3) this may be a much easier match to call than we think.

If Brady is firing on all cylinders, and he's got his teammates performing for this big match, it's unlikely that New Orleans will make it 3-0 this season against the Buccaneers.

Either way, this matchup is going to be plenty exciting, and you’re definitely going to want to place some bets on it!

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FIRST PUBLISHED: 3rd January 2021

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