Our roundup of NFL Week 11 serves as the perfect introduction to a jam-packed schedule in NFL week 12. We've learned a great deal from the Sunday Night football matchups, so let's kick the tires and light the fires. Drew Brees was benched for week 11, but Taysom Hill stepped up and made a big impact. He threw 233 yards, with 23 attempts, and ran 51 yards on 10 attempts, with 2 TDs. That's pretty impressive stuff.

Needless to say, Hill has a bright future ahead of him. His alma mater, BYU – Brigham Young University – was in full attendance, scoping out this guy's mad skills on the gridiron. The Saints absolutely dominated the scene against the Falcons, and anyone who was doubting the QB had another thing coming. Watch this guy; he is awesome. By the end of the evening, the New Orleans Saints ran circles around the Atlanta Falcons, winning 24:9.

There's plenty more NFL Week 11 action to get through, so let's drop another gear and bust out the big guns. In other news, the legendary Patrick Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs (KCC) to a glorious win over the Las Vegas Raiders. Thanks to his right arm on the drive, all 75 yards of brilliance belong to Mahomes. The Chiefs won 35:31. Let's foxtrot it up to the week 11 matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and the Green Bay Packers. Here's another one that went down to the wire, with the Colts winning 34:31.

The Denver Broncos managed to hold off a rampant Miami Dolphins, ultimately scoring a 20:13 victory in NFL week 11. Superstar newbie Tua Tagoviloa was replaced in the 4th quarter of the game. There was no injury to Tua; it was just a shoddy performance that got him benched. Tua was sacked 6 times, and being outmaneuvered by the Broncos didn't help his cause. Thanks to Melvin Gordon and Phillip Lindsay, plenty of yardage was added for the Broncos, and it led to an important win.

The Houston Texans beat the New England Patriots 27:20, thanks to the heroics of QB Deshaun Watson who wrenched the Texans by the scruff of their necks, and dragged them to another impressive victory – their third win of the season. The New England Patriots are really struggling right now, despite Cam Newton doing his best, but failing to score a win.

My eyes-on team, the Pittsburgh Steelers are absolutely blowing holes through the competition this NFL season. We are already heading into week 12, and the Pittsburgh Steelers are 10-0. They obliterated the Jacksonville Jaguars 27:3, and this is the team to beat folks!

Now let's move things along to the matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings. Just 3 points separated the winners from the losers, and Kudos go to the Dallas Cowboys, who won 31:28. A brutal finish between Vander Esch and Cook definitely made the rounds on social media, but this game just proves that the Cowboys are in it to win it.  

Let's wrap things up with a few more results here: the Los Angeles Chargers added another win to their tally, beating the New York Jets 34:28. They had a great first half, but they let things go in the second half, running dangerously close to the wire. The Cleveland Browns defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 22:17, Washington defeated Cincinnati 20:9, and the Carolina Panthers smashed the Detroit Lions 20:0.

That's a wrap for the most exciting games in NFL week 11. Now, let's turn our attention to NFL week 12 as we race towards Thanksgiving weekend in the good old US of A!

NFL Week 12 Matchups

Week 12 NFL odds week 12 NFL betting lines NFL lines week 12

Game  Opening Spread Total points
Cardinals@Seahawks  -3.5 Under/Over 56.5
Bengals@Washington -1 Under/Over 45.5
Falcons@Saints -4.5 Under/Over 51.5
Steelers@Jaguars +10 Under/Over 46
Patriots@Texans +2.5 Under/Over 47.5
Eagles@Browns -3.5 Under/Over 45.5
Lions@Panthers -1.5 Under/Over 50
Titans@Ravens -6.5 Under/Over 47
Jets@Chargers -9.5 Under/Over 47
Dolphins@Broncos +2.5 Under/Over 44.5
Cowboys@Vikings -8.5 Under/Over 47.5
Packers@Colts -1 Under.Over 49
Chiefs@Raiders +7 Under/Over 55
Rams@Buccaneers -3.5 Under/Over 48.5

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NFL Betting Lines Week 12

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of NFL week 12 matchups, I think it's a good idea for NFL betting purposes to check out which teams are heading their respective divisions in the NFL standings. So, let’s take a look at the NFL standings at the end of week 11 (November 19-November 23):

  • AFC East Buffalo Bills (7/3), winning percentage of 0.700
  • AFC North – Pittsburgh Steelers (10/0), winning percentage of 1.000
  • AFC South – Indianapolis Colts (7/3), winning percentage of 0.700
  • AFC West – Kansas City Chiefs (9/1), winning percentage of 0.900
  • NFC East – Philadelphia Eagles (3/6/1), winning percentage of 0.350
  • NFC North – Green Bay Packers (7/3), winning percentage of 0.700
  • NFC South – New Orleans Saints (8/2), winning percentage of 0.800
  • NFC West – Seattle Seahawks (7/3), winning percentage of 0.700

Texans@Lions – Thursday 26 November, at 12:30 PM EST

The Houston Texans (3-7) take on the Detroit Lions (4-6) at Ford Field, in Detroit Michigan. The last time they met, the Texans mauled the Lions 30-23, in August 2019. The Houston Texans are in better form heading into this match, given that the Detroit Lions were crushed in their last match. For this gridiron match, moneylines actually favor the home team, the Detroit Lions in a big way. Houston is currently 2/8 ATS (10 games), and Detroit is 6/14 ATS (20 games). Here's where it gets interesting – the Lions average 25.2 PPG and relinquish 29.7 PPG. The Texans score an average of 22.2 PPG, and surrender an average of 28.0 PPG. Clearly the Lions have the advantage!

Make your play with Texans@Lions NFL betting week 12

Washington@Cowboys - Thursday 26 November, at 4:30 PM EST

The Washington Football Team (3-7) go up against the mighty Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium, in Arlington, Texas. Now, we know that the Cowboys won their last match, so they are full of confidence, but so did Washington! In terms of better team rankings, the Cowboys are in a stronger position. However, the last time these two teams met, Washington beat the Cowboys 25-3, in October!  This Thanksgiving football spectacular actually has the Dallas Cowboys as favorites – no surprises there – and the Washington Football Team as slight underdogs. It's interesting to point out that the Cowboys surrender 10.5 PPG more than they score on average. For Washington, that figure is just 4.2 PPG.

Make your play with Washington@Cowboys NFL betting lines week 12

Ravens@Steelers – Thursday 26 November, at 8:20 PM EST

This is a crunch match for the Baltimore Ravens. They have not performed as well as they would have hoped by this stage of the competition. For the Pittsburgh Steelers, it has been nothing less than a spectacular 11 weeks. The Steelers are 10-0, and leading their division with a perfect 1.000 percentage. The Ravens are 6-4 heading into this matchup, and will be desperate for a win to stay competitive. Let’s take a look at the betting odds for Ravens@Steelers.

As it stands, this NFL week 12 game has the Pittsburgh Steelers as hands down favorites to win with moneyline betting. The Baltimore Ravens are underdogs, and for good reason. Both teams score pretty well, and they have a net positive rate in terms of points scored per game on average, versus points surrendered per game on average. For Baltimore, it's about 9, and for the Steelers it's 11.

Make your play with Ravens@Steelers NFL betting odds week 12

Dolphins@Jets – Sunday 29 November, at 1 PM EST

The Miami Dolphins (6-4) take on the worst-performing team in the current NFL season. The New York Jets (0-10) are still looking for their first win of the season when they square off against the Miami Dolphins at MetLife Stadium, in East Rutherford, New Jersey. In October this year, the Dolphins swam circles around the dazed Jets, winning 24-0. I expect a much closer match this time around, but a big win for the Dolphins nonetheless.

As a betting person, you are going to want to know the moneylines, odds, and spread for this match. It looks clear to me that the Miami Dolphins are overwhelming faves to win, and the New York Jets are longshots. Sadly, the Jets relinquish over 16 points more per game than they score. For Miami, they win by a margin of at least 7.7 PPG on average!

Make your play with Dolphins@Jets NFL betting lines week 12

Cardinals@Patriots – Sunday 29 November, at 1 PM EST

Right, let's get to it! The Arizona Cardinals (6-4) are a terrific offensive outfit, with great rushing ability and solid passing and defense. They face off against the New England Patriots (4-6) at Gillette Stadium, in Foxboro, MA. Despite their recent loss, the Patriots are a capable unit. The last time these two teams met in 2016, the Patriots narrowly defeated the Cardinals 23:21. Let’s shift our attention to the betting odds for Cardinals@Patriots this week.

As it stands, the Arizona Cardinals are narrowly expected to win this matchup on Sunday. The New England Patriots are +2.5 on the spread, and are underdogs in this contest. Arizona averages more points scored per game than points surrendered, but only by a slim margin. The Patriots surrender 2.4 PPG more than they score on average. Based on recent results - both teams lost – this one may be a tough one to call!

Make your play with Cardinals@Patriots NFL betting odds week 12

NFL Betting Odds Week 12

Panthers@Vikings – Sunday 29 November, at 1 PM EST

The Carolina Panthers (4-7) will be prancing around with their heads held high after mauling the Detroit Lions 20-0 in week 11. They come up against the powerful, but disappointing Minnesota Vikings (4-6) at US Bank Stadium, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Panthers and the Vikings are pretty evenly matched, as evidenced by their league rankings in offense, defense, passing, and rushing. During the last matchup in December 2017, the Panthers defeated the Vikings 31-24.

Now, let's see if we can call the Panthers@Vikings game with some accuracy. It's a dead heat. Both teams appear evenly matched, and the Vikings will be tough to beat at home. Despite the Panthers recent performance, the Vikings will want to right the wrongs of week 11, when they lost to the Dallas Cowboys. We can't call this one, so you may want to flip a coin, or wait until closer to the match for our 888sport New Jersey moneyline odds.

INSIGHT: In terms of points scored per game, Minnesota has the upper hand, so if push comes to shove, I would probably go with the Vikings!

 Make your play with Panthers@Vikings NFL betting week 12

Browns@Jaguars – Sunday, 29 November, at 1 PM EST

The Cleveland Browns (7-3) are a team on fire! They take on the Jacksonville Jaguars (1-9), at TIAA Bank Field, in Jacksonville, Florida. The Browns are great with their rushing game, and the Jaguars are pretty shoddy all over the place. The last time these two teams met, it was the Jaguars who surprised in 2017, by beating the Browns 19-7. That was then, and it bears no correlation to the current performance of these teams. So how do I expect this match to shape up? Well, the Cleveland Browns are clear favorites, with NFL moneylines arts giving them the edge. I would be tremendously surprised if the Jacksonville Jaguars turned their fortunes around and beat the Browns.

Make your play with Browns@Jaguars NFL betting lines week 12

Titans@Colts – Sunday, 29 November, at 1 PM EST

The Tennessee Titans (7-3) square off against the Indianapolis Colts (7-3) at Lucas Oil Stadium, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Both teams are pretty darn good – that's a fact. The last time they met, the Indianapolis Colts beat the Tennessee Titans 34-17 in November 2020. If we turn our attention to the over/under, moneylines, and NFL odds for this matchup, it's clear that the Indianapolis Colts have the advantage at home. They are odds-on faves to win this game. The Tennessee Titans are long shots away, but they may just surprise on the day. Currently, Tennessee is 3/7 ATS (10 games), and Indianapolis is 6/2 straight up. Both teams score more points on average than they surrender, so you can expect a competitive gridiron matchup.

Make your play with Titans@Colts week 12 NFL betting odds

Giants@Bengals – Sunday, 29 November, at 1 PM EST

The New York Giants (3-7) will travel to Paul Brown Stadium, in Cincinnati, Ohio to take on the Cincinnati Bengals (2-7-1). If not for the home ground advantage, this is a pretty evenly-balanced matchup. Both teams have relative strengths and weaknesses, but neither appears to be a dominant force. The last time they met in August 2019, the New York Giants narrowly defeated The Cincinnati Bengals 25-23.

As a betting person, you are probably going to want to bet on Cincinnati to bring it home. The New York Giants are currently 6/1 ATS, and the Cincinnati Bengals are 6/2 ATS. Here's the kicker – both teams surrender between 4-5 more points per game than they score. But, other opinions have the New York Giants as slight favorites against the Cincinnati Bengals in week 12. Why? They almost lead the NFC East, with 3/5 straight up wins. And, to make matters worse, Cincinnati may not have quarterback, Joe Barrow, due to a knee injury. So, it's all up in the air…

Make your play with Giants@Bengals NFL betting lines week 12

Week 12 NFL Odds

Chargers@Bills – Sunday 29 November at 1 PM EST

The Los Angeles Chargers (3-7) come off a victorious week 11! But the Buffalo Bills currently lead the AFC East! So, on paper, this seems like an easy win for the Buffalo Bills (7-3). Believe it or not, the Chargers are actually an impressive team with high rankings in the league for offense, defense, passing, and rushing. They've just not had the results to do justice to their paper rankings. The last time they met in September 2018, the Los Angeles Chargers handily defeated the Buffalo Bills 31-20. This matchup takes place at Bills Stadium, in Orchard Park, New York – a big up for the Buffalo Bills.

Where is the safe money in this NFL matchup? Sadly, for Chargers fans, the Buffalo Bills are in the driving seats for this game. They are huge favorites to deliver a crushing blow to the Los Angeles Chargers, but the bolts have enough firepower to zap the Bills on the day. Coach Anthony Lynn will certainly be hoping for the best from guys like Justin Herbert QB, Joshua Kelley RB, Keenan Allen WR, and Kyzir White LB. The Bills average 27.2 PPG and surrender 26.5 PPG, so it is pretty touch and go. This one could go either way folks!

Make your play with Chargers@Bills NFL betting action week 12

Raiders@Falcons – Sunday, 29 November, at 1 PM EST

The Las Vegas Raiders (6-4) travel to Mercedes-Benz Stadium, in Atlanta Georgia, to take on the Atlanta Falcons (3-7). Four years ago, the Falcons defeated the Raiders 35-28, but that's old news. Recall that the Raiders lost their last game to the Kansas City Chiefs. However, this NFL week 12 matchup looks like the advantage is with the Raiders. They are an incredibly powerful outfit, and should not be written off. Recall that it was QB Patrick Mahomes who did the damage, but the Raiders had that game all locked up. So, I'm giving the edge for moneyline betting to the Las Vegas Raiders to win this one!

Make your play with Raiders@Falcons NFL betting lines week 12

49ers@Rams - Sunday, 29 November, at 4:05 PM EST

The San Francisco 49ers (4-6) travel to Inglewood, California to take on the Los Angeles Rams (6-3). These teams met in October 2020, and the 49ers defeated the Rams 24-16. Predictions for the 49ers@Rams matchup are largely skewed in favor of the home team, the Los Angeles Rams. This week 12 NFL game is almost a sure thing for the LA Rams, with strong odds for moneyline betting. The San Francisco 49ers are clear underdogs in this match, with 2/3 ATS over their last 5 games, while the Rams are 7/3 straight up in their last 10. The Rams also outpace the 49ers in terms of points differential (scored versus surrendered) with an average of 5.3 PPG versus the 49ers at 0.4 PPG.

Make your play with 49ers@Rams NFL lines week 12

Saints@Broncos – Sunday, 29 November, at 4:05 PM EST

The New Orleans Saints (8-2) are on fire at the moment! They will be traveling to Empower Field, at Mile High, in Denver Colorado for the gridiron contest with the Denver Broncos (4-6). There's no doubt that the Saints are the team to beat. The last time they met, the Broncos narrowly defeated the Saints (25-23), but this season that's an unlikely outcome. Predictions on this match overwhelmingly favor the Saints, and for good reason. Consider that this team averages around 30.1 PPG, and surrenders 23.7 PPG. The Broncos score 20.7 PPG on average, and relinquish 28.2 PPG. On that alone, it's a boot in for the New Orleans Saints!

Make your play with Saints@Broncos NFL moneylines week 12

Chiefs@Buccaneers – Sunday 29 November, at 4:25 PM EST

The Kansas City Chiefs (9-1) travel south to Raymond James Stadium, in Tampa, Florida to take on Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3). KCC are a top-ranked team, dominating in passing and offense. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a solid defense and passing game. When last these two teams met in 2016, the Buccaneers edged the Chiefs 19-17. On performance alone, KCC comes up trumps. While TBB is certainly capable of firing massive salvos on the day, bookmakers give the edge to the Kansas City Chiefs. Consider that they score an average of 31.8 PPG, compared to Tampa’s 29.6 PPG. Who should you watch for? Obviously QB Patrick Mahomes, RB, C. Edwards-Helaire and S, Daniel Sorensen.  The difference between the teams comes in the number of points conceded by KCC at just 20.3 PPG, versus 22.6 PPG by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Make your play with Chiefs@Buccaneers NFL lines week 12

Bears@Packers – Sunday, 29 November, at 8:20 PM EST

Green Bay Packers Michael Conroy and AP

The Chicago Bears (5-5) are about to tip the scales one way or the other. They come up against the powerful Green Bay Packers (7-3), at Lambeau Field, in Green Bay, Wisconsin. When last they met in December 2019, the Packers dominated the Bears, winning 21-13. The Bears are not the greatest team, but they do have a solid defense. It’s the Packers’ all round game that will worry them. For the Bears, these are the guys to watch: RB David Montgomery, QB Nick Foles, WR Allen Robinson, and LB Roquan Smith. For the Packers, these powerful players may turn the tide: RB Aaron Jones, QB Aaron Rodgers, and WR Davante Adams. I'll make this easy for you – bet on the Green Bay Packers – they got some pretty convincing moneyline odds!

Make your play with Bears@Packers NFL betting action week 12

Seahawks@Eagles – Monday 30 November, at 8:15 PM EST

The Seattle Seahawks (7-3) travel to Lincoln Financial Field, in Philadelphia, PA to compete against the Philadelphia Eagles (3-6-1) in this week 12 NFL matchup. The Seahawks are in fine form. They proved this in January 2020 when they defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 17-9. With their win/loss percentage at 0.700, the Seahawks are in contention for a big one. Moneyline odds suggest as much. For the Philadelphia Eagles, it's a long shot to victory, but it's not entirely out of the question. Both teams score high and concede many points, but it’s the Eagles who run a deficit on that account.

Make your play with Seahawks@Eagles NFL betting week 12

Photographs provided courtesy of: Isaac Breken and AP; Michael Conroy and AP

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