• NFL Cheerleaders can earn substantial sums of money, depending on the performance of NFL teams. NFL Cheerleaders’ pay is determined per hour, per game, and per season.

  • NFL Cheerleading is a gruelling vocation. It is highly competitive and requires plenty of physical exercise, including regular practicing, traveling, and appearances throughout the year.

  • NFL Cheerleaders often juggle multiple jobs, and many are highly educated professionals who have a passion for their craft, and for NFL action!

All the ladies in the house, it's time to stand up and be counted – on the gridiron! Shake your booty like you mean it.

You can become an NFL cheerleader and cash in on your choreographed dance routines with NFL teams. Ever wondered how much an NFL cheerleader makes? Today, we're going to tackle that question head-on.

NFL Cheerleaders Salary:

If you've ever dreamed of taking your high school and college cheerleading skills up a level, this is the must-read guide on how much NFL cheerleaders make.

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How Much Do NFL Cheerleaders Make?

Show me the money! Of all the sports where cheerleaders make a big splash, the NFL and the NBA rank atop the pile. NFL cheerleaders personify the passion of football fans, and they get paid accordingly.

Consider what’s at stake when the big teams lock horns in pursuit of the ultimate prize, Super Bowl glory. Cheerleaders are there to rev up the players, and electrify the crowds.

They are all in to-top shape, superbly skilled, and beaming from ear to ear with gorgeous smiles!

Make no mistake about it, being an NFL cheerleader really is hard work. If you drop the proverbial ball, you may be benched for the game, or the season. It's extremely demanding, and there are many different positions in an NFL cheerleading squad to consider.

Generally speaking, there are two tiers of cheerleaders in an NFL squad – supporting cheerleaders, and professional cheerleaders. The pros can earn a salary of $75,000+ per season.

The actual numbers are a little sketchy, since there are estimates of cheerleader salaries ranging between $150,000 per annum and $350,000 per annum.

Various sports sites ‘guesstimate’ that cheerleader salaries average around $80,000 per year. Take a look at the stats that we managed to pull up on NFL cheerleader salaries for 2020:

  • Supporting cheerleaders earn $9+ per hour, $250+ per match, and $20,000+ per year.

  • Professional cheerleaders earn up to $20+ per hour, $500+ per match, and $75,000 + per year.

The glitz and glamor that we associate with being an NFL cheerleader is oftentimes marred by low pay and long working hours. For example, the iconic Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders used to get paid $8 per hour, and $200 on game day.

Fortunately, a deal was struck between the Cowboys and their cheerleading squad to up their pay dramatically. Now, Cowboys cheerleaders get paid $12 per hour, and their per-game payday is $400.

NFL cheerleader salaries can be determined in many different ways, including an hourly wage, per match wage, monthly wage, or per season payday.

Whichever way you slice it or dice it, NFL cheerleaders don't get the big bucks that their NFL counterparts on the field of play get paid.

Cheerleaders only make a tiny percentage of the heroes on the football field, but their jobs are no less important to the team, or to fans. For example, during a 16-game season, NFL cheerleaders may make up to $6,250+ per game.

If they are paid monthly, salaries in the region of up to $1,500+ are commonplace, but higher-paid cheerleaders typically have extensive experience.

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How To Become An NFL Cheerleader:

NFL cheerleaders are professional athletes themselves, but their work is limited to revving up the crowds with choreographed dance routines, big smiles, and lots of sexy bodies.

They are extremely talented dancers and athletes, but it's an incredibly demanding job.

These ladies practice for hours on end, they make many public appearances, and are routinely in attendance at corporate events, and charity events.

And unlike the football players who are covered from head to toe in body armor, cheerleaders are required to show off most of their bodies. Therefore, they have to be in tiptop shape all the time; lean, muscular, and looking good!

FYI: Cheerleaders wanting to try out for the NFL actually have to pay for their own auditions. There are no freebies on the road to superstardom for these gals.

Plus, they've got to pay for all their own preparation classes, hair, makeup, and transportation to/from the try-outs. All in all, you're looking at a couple of hundred bucks just to try out to become an NFL cheerleader.

NFL Cheerleaders Salary
Photo credit: Rick Osentoski / AP Photo

If you want to become an NFL cheerleader, you have to work incredibly hard. You need to be in the best shape of your life, looking like a million dollars, but prepared to make significantly less than that.

Lots of practice is necessary to fine tune your skills to perfection. This usually takes weeks or months of unrelenting effort.

You may want to check out the routines performed by LSU Cheerleaders, for an inside perspective on what it takes to perform at the highest level!

Often, the salary you will earn as an NFL cheerleader will be based upon your team’s winning percentages. The more popular teams tend to pay their cheerleaders much more money than the less popular teams, for obvious reasons.

As far as non-player salaries go, an NFL referee salary is considerably higher than an NFL Cheerleader salary.

Cheerleaders are required to memorize the Star-Spangled Banner, chants and cheers well before they sign their NFL contract. Your dance moves are sacrosanct – they have to be spot on every time.

As an NFL cheerleader, you may be responsible for revving up the crowds, or part of the marching band. Some cheerleaders take an active role and perform individual gymnastics or stunts while the others support them.

NFL Cheerleaders Facts:

  • The average age of NFL cheerleaders is 25.

  • Most NFL cheerleaders have multiple demanding jobs.

  • Waitresses can earn more money than NFL cheerleaders.

  • NFL cheerleaders usually earn between $10 – $15 hour during the season, while the average NFL player salary is $2 million.

  • NFL cheerleaders make special appearances, work during games, perform regular workouts, and must attend rehearsals.

  • The Buffalo Bills dropped their cheerleading squad at one time because of a pay dispute.

  • The Baltimore Colts were the first NFL team to have a cheerleading squad in 1954.

  • Many NFL cheerleaders usually have lucrative careers outside of the NFL, such as doctors, scientists, engineers, lawyers et cetera.

*Credit for the main photo belongs to Jack Dempsey / AP Photo*


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