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NHL Overtime Rules

Nothing is more edge-of-your-seat exciting than sudden death overtime hockey. How does overtime work, and how did it get to the product we see today?
Jeremy Tuch
By Jeremy Tuch
November 13,2020

Famous NJ Sports Teams

New Jersey is home to some really talented professional athletes. In this post we're going to examine the the major sports teams in New Jersey, including the iconic New Jersey Devils, the New York Jets, and the New York Giants. Buckle up for some serious sports fun!
Brett Chatz
By Brett Chatz
July 14,2020

Best Boston Bruins Team Ever

The Boston Bruins are built tough. Let's find out which Boston Bruins teams have put on the best performances of all time. We begin 50+ years ago with the legendary Bobby Orr.
Brett Chatz
By Brett Chatz
June 10,2020

NJ Devils & NY Rangers

Bitter rivalries never die in sport. They endure and they feed the beast. Some of the greatest rivalries have produced the best competition! Let's take a look at the NJ Devils and the NY Rangers.
Brett Chatz
By Brett Chatz
June 7,2020

NJ Devils Pet Peeves

Ever wondered what the New Jersey Devils' pet peeves are? Well, you're in luck - we're about to pull back the curtains on the annoyances this team routinely faces. Enjoy the expose!
Brett Chatz
By Brett Chatz
June 5,2020

Best New Jersey Devils Teams Ever

The New Jersey Devils are one of those legendary East Coast NHL teams. I've always loved this Garden State hockey team, even though they have failed to shine in recent years, they remain one of my favorites. The New Jersey Devils have played in the NHL for 45 seasons, with 3 Stanley Cups to their credit and 23 NHL playoff appearances, with a playoff record of 137 – 122. The team has won a total of 1515 games, lost 1572 games, and tied 328 games (as of March 2020).

Brett Chatz
By Brett Chatz
March 14,2020

The NHL is Back! Your 2019-20 NHL Preview

Can Tampa Bay live up to expectations? Will Boston get revenge for last year? Will their be another Blues-like dark horse? Let the NHL season begin!
By 888sport
October 2,2019