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Stanley Cups: 4

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Conference Champions: 2

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Division Titles: 7

Date Founded: 1926


Hall Of Famers: 59


New York Rangers Betting Tips, Predictions, and Winning Odds

Slowly but surely, things are looking better for the Rangers. Last year was the beginning of the rebuild, and, well, it went just as everyone expected. Youngsters got playing time and got better. Contracts were played out to allow for off-season flexibility, and a really good draft pick was earned. So now all the Rangers had to do was not t with all that cash and the number two draft pick. And guess what? Unlike the Knicks, they didn’t!

They signed the biggest free agent available Artemi Panarin to a seven-year, $81.49 million contract, and made another valuable pick-up in Jacob Trouba. They found a trade partner I the Buffalo Sabres for out-of-favor winger Jimmy Vesey. And they used the second pick in the draft on instant Calder Trophy favorite Kaapo Kakko.

For a team that finished with the 4thworst record in the league last year, it’s a testament to their offseason that they currently sit middle of the pack in terms of their odds next year. Currently they sit at +3000 to lift the Stanley Cup, and +1500 to win the Eastern Conference.

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New York Rangers 2019-2020 Team

Brace yourselves Rangers fans. The team might be…good! The additions of Panarin and Trouba will strengthen both ends of the ice, while Kakko will be an instant threat in his first year. In goal, we may be seeing the end of the line for Herik Lundqvist, but perhaps having a good team in front f him will inspire yet one more quality season from the future Hall Of Famer. 


Who Were The New York Rangers Top Performers Last Season?

  • C Mike Zibanejad: 74 Pts, 30 G, 44 A
  • LW Chris Kreider: 52 Pts, 28 G, 24 A
  • LW Pavel Buchnevich: 38 Pts, 21 G, 17 A
  • G Henrik Lundqvist: 18 W, 1541 SV

Who Are The New York Rangers All-Time Top Performers?

  • D Brian Leetch: 981 Pts, 741 A
  • RW Rod Gilbert: 1021 Pts, 615 A, 406 G
  • C Jean Ratelle: 336 G, 481 A, 817 Pts
  • C Mark Messier: 250 G, 441 A, 691 Pts
  • G Henrik Lundqvist: 431 W, 63 SO

Who Owns The New York Rangers?

James Dolan.

Yes, the same James Dolan who’s run the arena-sharing Knicks into the ground, is also the owner of the Rangers in his role as executive chairman and CEO of parent organization The Madison Square Garden Corporation. But, wait, the Rangers aren’t a total disaster year in and year out? How is that possible? Well, for one thing, Dolan can only meddle with one franchise at a time, so, after being hands on from 1998-2005 (not coincidentally the longest playoff drought in team history) he seems to have focused on the Knicks, freeing team control to general manager Glen Slather, who actually knows what he is doing. 


Who Are The New York Rangers Biggest Rivalries?

New Jersey Devils: Why do these two teams hate each other so much? I mean, they’re neighbors! Separated from each other by 10 minutes via the Lincoln Tunnel, there is no love lost between these cross-river rivals. The series only began in 1982, but feels like it’s generations old. It reached peak animosity in 1994, when they met in the Eastern Conference Finals, with the Rangers seeking a return trip to the Stanley Cup Finals. Despite winning all 6 regular season games against the Devils, the Rangers were forced to survive a Game 6 elimination game in New Jersey (thanks to a guarantee and subsequent hat trick from Mark Messier), then won in double overtime at the Garden to crush the Devils hopes of making the franchise’s first trip to the Stanley Cup Finals. (Not to worry, the Devils won it the next year.)

Since then, there have been many memorable games and series between the two, including Sean Avery’s harassment of Martin Brodeur in the 2008 Eastern Semi-finals (thus establishing the “Avery Rule”) and “The Rematch” in 2012 the Conference Finals. Throughout all of this, fans (and players) have held a unique hatred for the opposition, with chants, fights, and more. 


New York Islanders: Two words: “Potvin Sucks!” One of the most unique hockey traditions ever stems from the dislike between these two teams that started way back in February, 1979, when Islanders defenseman Dennis Potvin checked Ulf Nillson and broke his ankle. Since then, every game, whether the Islanders are their opponent or not, Rangers fans chant “Potvin Sucks!” as soon as the playing of “Let’s Go Band!” starts on the loudspeaker. 

The Islanders have a bit of an inferiority complex, as, despite both sharing the “New York” name, the Rangers play in the “Most Famous Arena In The World” while the Isles played way out in Long Island until 2014, when they started playing in Brooklyn. (They will move permanently to Long Island in 2021.) Oh, and the Islanders haven’t been very good, for a while now.


Philadelphia Flyers: The Mets hate the Phillies. The Giants hate the Eagles. So it fits that the Flyers and Rangers wouldn’t be best of friends either.


What Are The New York Rangers Highest Salaries? How Much Is The Team Worth?

Much like their MSG counterparts the Knicks, the Rangers’ bottom line benefits from its location, both within New York City, and more specifically, Madison Square Garden itself. A $1 billion upgrade meant the Rangers could charge more for tickets, especially luxury suites, while at the same time, MSG is a tourist stop, with its rich history a must see for many out-of-towners.


As for salaries, the Rangers went for it this offseason with Artemi Panarin, giving the winger a seven-year, $81.49 million contract, making him the NHL’s highest paid winger, and by far the highest paid Ranger. That’s OK when you’re in year-two of a rebuild, and a bunch of the younger players are on their first contracts, namely first-round pick Kaapo Kakko , who will be in the running for the Calder Trophy. Long-time Rangers goalkeeper Henrik Lundqvist is second with $8.5 million a year. 


What Are The New York Rangers Most Memorable Moments and Greatest Achievements?

New York Rangers Fan Profile

One would think that the years of misery (they ended one 54 year Stanley Cup drought in 1994, and are in the midst of another, ongoing 24 year spell) would mean a angry, disinterested fanbase. Yet the Rangers fanbase is just the opposite. They show up no matter the team, not to see celebrities (who are fewer and farther between at MSG compared to Knicks games), but to truly watch the team. The fans in blue are all over their team, in good times and in bad, from the second they start chanting “Potvin Sucks” to the final horn. Truly remarkable.

If you are looking for Rangers celebrity fans, there are plenty around. Matthew Modine, Liam Neeson, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon (she and Robbins seem to have split the season tickets in the divorce) and the infamous duo of Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsdale

Madison Square Garden

“The World’s Most Famous Arena” has a long and interesting history, both involving the Rangers and not. (The fact that the arena is located nowhere near the actual Madison Square is just one of many stories.). 

There have been 4 iterations of MSG, the first two of which were actually built near Madison Square on 23rdand 5thin Manhattan. The current Madison Square Garden was opened in 1968 in midtown Manhattan between 31st and 33rd streets and 7th and 8th Avenues as part of the controversial new Penn Station. The original Penn Station was a beautiful Beaux Arts structure that served as the major transit hub for railroad traffic in and out of the city. But the newly designed station, on top of which the arena was built, was the opposite of elegant. As one historian remarked, comparing the old and new Penn Stations, “One entered the city like a God; now one scuttles like a rat.”

The actual arena seems to ooze history, so you can enjoy yourself even when you have to witness the actual Rangers mid-rebuild. 


Famous New York Rangers Legends


  • Mark Messier: Known simply as “The Captain” Messier spent 10 seasons with the Rangers overall, Messier is truly the face of the franchise. He will always be revered as the one who brought a Stanley Cup to MSG.
  • Brian Leetch: Known as one of the best defensive players ever to play in the NHL, he was an offensive weapon as well, as he was one of only 5 defensive players ever to score more than 100 points in a season. Over his career, Leetch won the Calder Trophy in 1989, Norris Trophy 2 two times (1992, 1997) and was the first American to win the Conn Smythe trophy as MVP of the playoffs during the 1994 championship season.
  • Rod GilbertThe face of the Rangers in the late 60’s and 70’s, Gilbert is the all-time career leader in goals (406), points (1021), and games played by a forward (1065). He was also the first Rangers player to have his number retired.
  • Frank Boucher: The greatest player of the pre-war Rangers, Boucher played for the Rangers from 1926-1938, winning the Cup in 1928 and 1933, then coached them to another Cup win in 1940. Fun fact: he was the owner (not literally, but physically) of the first Lady Byng trophy, after winning it the first 7 out of 8 seasons. They made a copy for others to share.
  • Brad Park: Along with Bobby Orr, revolutionized the role of a defensive player to be more offensive minded than before. Despite setting a record for all-time number of assists by a defenseman, Park would play his entire career in Orr’s shadow, coming in second to the legend in everything from trophies to Stanley Cups. (The Bruins beat his Rangers in 1972.) The Hall Of Famer did tie with Orr on a few things: both were inducted into the Hockey Hall Of Fame and both were named in the Top 100 Players Of All Time.
  • Mike Richter: One of the most successful American goaltenders of all time, Richter is a legend in Rangers history for his role in getting the Rangers to the Stanley Cup and winning it all in 1994, especially his penalty shot save in Game Four against Pavel Bure and the Vancouver Canucks
  • Henrik Lundqvist: “King Henrik” has been a legend since he first suited up for the Rangers 14 years ago, and since then has accumulated almost every Rangers goalkeeper record around, including wins, shutouts, playoff shutouts, and Rangers MVP. Go see him while you can!
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