• Plenty of NFL kickers have successfully converted 60-yard+ field goals. The first NFL player to do this was Tom Dempsey of the New Orleans Saints vs the Detroit Lions in 1970.

  • In several cases, these record-breaking NFL kicks resulted in these teams losing their matches against their opponents.

  • The NFL kicker with the longest field goal was Matt Prater of Denver Broncos at 64 yards.

Get ready for some hard-hitting, gridiron action as we tackle today's topic: the longest field goals in NFL history.

Football fans, it doesn't get much better than this! We’re going to count down with the most incredible field goals ever, and you're going to be surprised by these results.

NFL Longest Field Goals:

  1. Matt Prater (Denver Broncos vs Tennessee Titans) – 64 yards

  2. Tom Dempsey (New Orleans Saints vs Detroit Lions) – 63 yards

  3. Jason Elam (Denver Broncos vs Jacksonville Jaguars) – 63 yards

  4. Sebastian Janikowski (Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos) – 63 yards

  5. Matt Bryant (Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Philadelphia Eagles) – 62 yards

  6. Jake Elliott (Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants) – 61 yards 

  7. Greg Zuerlein (St Louis Rams vs Minnesota Vikings) – 61 yards

  8. Justin Tucker (Baltimore Ravens vs Detroit Lions) – 61 yards

  9. Jay Feely (Arizona Cardinals vs Buffalo Bills) – 61 yards

  10. Sebastian Janikowski (Oakland Raiders vs Cleveland Browns) – 61 yards

For anyone who is new to NFL, a field goal is simply a drop kick or place kick which gets converted through the goals, over the crossbar and between the uprights.

Most field goals are place kicked. With that out of the way, let's kick off with the top 10 field goal records in the NFL.

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FUN FACT: The longest Field Goal in history (non-NFL) – as per the Guinness Book of Records – was by Ching Do Kim at Honolulu Stadium in November 1944. It was a record 78 yards.

10) Sebastian Janikowski (Raiders vs Browns – 61 yards)

It's not often that a team goes into the record books and loses spectacularly at the same time. Back in December 2009, the Oakland Raiders (5-10) faced off against the Cleveland Browns (4-11). By the end of the first quarter, the Browns led 10-3.

But in the second quarter, Oakland kicker, Sebastian Janikowski nailed a 61-yard field goal, with 3 plays, and 15 yards to cement a place in the 60-yard longest NFL field goals club.

Heading into the third quarter, the Browns led 17-9. Ultimately, Cleveland prevailed, punishing the Raiders 23-9 in the matchup.

It's getting plenty exciting isn't it? How about checking out the highest-scoring NFL game in history? Let’s continue our countdown with the longest NFL field goals in history.

9) Jay Feely (Cardinals vs Bills – 61 yards)

Jay Feely brought the University of Phoenix Stadium alive with a magnificent 61-yard field goal with barley a minute left on the clock.

The Arizona Cardinals vs Buffalo Bills matchup was a tough contest, but Feely was left feeling bitter after the kick. With the scores tied at 16 apiece, Feely was all set to become a matchwinner.

Several plays later, it was up to Feely to convert a pedestrian-looking 38-yard kick. That didn't go through the uprights and over the crossbar.

Alex Carrington of the Buffalo Bills made a mess of it for the Cards. By the end of the game, the Arizona Cardinals were 4-2, as they succumbed to the Buffalo Bills 19-16.

8) Justin Tucker (Ravens vs Lions – 61 yards)

Back on December 16, 2013, Baltimore Ravens’ Justin Tucker made history as he hammered a 61-yard field goal through the uprights, with barely 38 seconds on the clock.

The Ravens defeated the Detroit Lions 18-16 to the astonishment of everyone in the crowds.

It was a huge moment for Justin Tucker, and a massive disappointment for the Detroit Lions. The ball went hard, high, and heavy, and snaked in over the bottom right corner of the uprights.

Tucker nailed it! A huge and unexpected win for Baltimore in the dying seconds of the game.

7) Greg Zuerlein (Rams vs Vikings – 61 yards)

November 8, 2015 was a day the St Louis Rams would never forget. Kicker Greg Zuerlein had the wind at his back as he attempted an improbable 61-yard field goal.

As fate would have it, the football sailed through the uprights, with plenty of power. But this wasn't the first time that the big-kicking Greg Zuerlein managed 60-yard + kicks. He did it during his rookie season back in 2012.

This time around, the converted field goal narrowed the game with the Vikings leading the Rams 10-9.

Incidentally, Zuerlein managed multiple field goals during the contest, with a 53-yard field goal, a 45-yard field goal, a 35-yard field goal, and the monster-sized 61-yard field goal. By the end, the Vikings (6-2) triumphed 21-18 against the Rams (4-4)!

6) Jake Elliott (Eagles vs Giants – 61 yards)

Back in September, 2017, Jake Elliott of the Philadelphia Eagles made history with a stunning 61-yard field goal against the New York Giants. The sporting world erupted in unison with praise for Elliott’s big boot.

It was an extra special moment, because it was the first time the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl. Such was the tension when his boot connected with the ball, with no time left on the clock. The Eagles beat the Giants 27-24.

Thanks to Elliott, the Eagles later went on to win the Super Bowl against the Patriots in spectacular fashion.

5) Matt Bryant (Buccaneers vs Eagles – 62 yards)

It was October 22, 2006 when Matt Bryant of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers joined 60-yard field goal club of the NFL. It was an historic kick for the Buccaneers, and the Eagles couldn't swoop down on that kick to derail it from its trajectory.

The 62-yard field goal was big, and true. It hovered in the air as momentum drove it hard and high, directing it through the uprights and over the crossbar.

It gave the Tampa Bay Buccaneers their second win on the trot, while the hapless Eagles watched in disbelief.

The Matt Bryant kick made the world of difference to a closely contested game. Ultimately, the Buccaneers emerged victorious, beating the Eagles 23-21. At the time, Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida witnessed the second longest NFL kick in history.

That Bryant lost sight of the ball as it barrelled towards the uprights is testament to the awesome power behind his kick. From 62 yards away, it came as a huge surprise to everyone in attendance, and millions watching on TV.

4) Sebastian Janikowski (Raiders vs Broncos – 63 yards)

It was September 12, 2011 when Janikowski of the Oakland Raiders made history with the longest NFL field goal at a distance of 63 yards.

At the time, pundits were saying ‘Move aside Jason Elam.’ The huge conversion gave the Oakland Raiders a 16-3 lead at half-time over the Denver Broncos. The game was played at the Sports Authority Field, at Mile High.

Janikowski is no stranger to big kicking prowess. He nailed a 61-yard field goal back in 2009, which catapulted him into the 60-yard + club of kickers. In 2011, the Oakland Raiders had a record of 8-8-0.

They finished third in the AFC West, and scored a total of 359 points, and conceded 433 points. Incidentally, the result between the two teams was Denver Broncos 20-23 Oakland Raiders!

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3) Jason Elam (Broncos vs Jaguars – 63 yards)

Jason Elam of the Denver Broncos proved that he had the boot to make the kick that would equal Tom Dempsey's record from 1970.

It was week #8 of the 1998 NFL season. The Denver Broncos were up against the Jacksonville Jaguars. This was Elam's first season with the Broncos, and he made it count!

It was barely 60 seconds before half-time, with the Broncos moving across midfield. They were stopped dead in their tracks at the 40-yard line.

At that point, Jason Elam readied for a 58-yard field goal. On-field disruptions resulted in a delay of game penalty. It was at that moment that Elam decided to go for it – a massive 63-yard field goal attempt.

As fate would have it, it popped over the crossbar and equalled the monumental feat of Tom Dempsey back in 1970. In Elam’s own words, ‘… It was a great kick, a great effort. You have to admire it!’

2) Tom Dempsey (Saints vs Lions – 63 yards)

Back on November 8 1970, Tom Dempsey starred in a thriller as the New Orleans Saints took on the Detroit Lions. Dempsey wasted no time with an up and under, as he converted a 63-yard field goal against the powerful Detroit Lions.

There is video footage of Tom Dempsey scoring the historic field-goal, but it's grainy so he's not easily visible.

Nonetheless, that field-goal immortalized Dempsey in the NFL annals of history. As a former defensive end, Dempsey ultimately became a kicker, and the rest is in the record books.

At the time, the New Orleans Saints were 1-5-1, with the coach Tom Fears recently fired. It was also the first game for the new coach, J.D. Roberts.

Dempsey claims not to have known that the distance was 63 yards, but he's glad he didn't know since he was scared he may have messed it up.

According to Coach Roberts, ‘… He had a leg. He could kick it a long way. It was just a matter of where it was going.’

1) Matt Prater (Broncos vs Titans – 64 yards)

The record for the longest field goal in NFL history goes to Matt Prater of the Denver Broncos against the Tennessee Titans.

The game kicked off on December 8, 2013. He set a brand-new NFL record, surpassing all prior records with an incredible 64-yard field goal as he flushed it through the uprights.

The kick sailed through at the end of the first half during week 14 of the NFL. At the time, the Broncos trailed the Titans 20-21. By the end of the match, the Denver Broncos (11-2) smashed the Tennessee Titans (5-8) with a score line of 51-28.

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*Credit for the main photo belongs to Jack Dempsey / AP Photo*


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