• Becoming an LSU cheerleader is an incredible achievement. LSU cheerleaders include men and women, and they work really hard. It's about personality, performance, and persistence.

  • LSU cheerleaders undergo gruelling tryout sessions, with many ‘cuts’ along the way. Only the creme de la creme make it through the rigorous process.

  • The LSU cheerleader squad has a strong social media presence on Instagram, and Facebook. They go by the name the Golden Girls. Their purple and gold outfits are the talk of the town.

Today, we’re going to take a look at LSU cheerleaders! Regarded by many as the best in the business, LSU cheerleaders sure know how to put on a good show.

Cheerleading squads include males and females, but it's usually the gals who get all the attention, and for good reason.

LSU Cheerleaders - LSU Tigers:

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How To Become An LSU Cheerleader

If you've ever dreamed big, and aspired towards greatness, then you’re in good company with the LSU Cheerleaders. These hard-working athletes are fully dedicated to their college sports teams.

It is a year-round commitment. Becoming an LSU cheerleader is a multi-step process, which begins with tryouts. All participants must submit video footage of their cheerleading skills, dexterity, spirit, and athleticism.

Multiple tryout preparation clinics are held during the course of the year. While they are not required, they are exceptionally beneficial.

Fees are levied for these cheerleading preparation clinics. Attendees must pass through a multi-phase process of evaluation, beginning with a 3-day valuation in phase 1, a 2-day evaluation in phase 2, and a week-long practice for phase 3. 

It is gruelling, competitive, and results oriented. Once you make it through these phases of the spirit squad tryout process, you can hold your head up high. Getting ready for the tryouts is a massive undertaking.

It's not only your physical conditioning that gets you through, it's your personality too. Motions, stunts, and tumbling are all evaluated, and since there are no height or weight restrictions, anyone is welcome to give it a go!

Make no mistake about it – the cheerleaders fire up the crowds and the players. One wonders whether the highest-scoring college football game would be as exciting without the cheerleaders!

LSU Cheerleaders Tryouts

The LSU cheerleader tryouts require that hopefuls are full-time students, incoming freshmen, or transfer students at LSU.

A series of forms must be filled out and received prior to the tryouts. The application package should be mailed to the LSU athletics division – Cheerleading Tryouts Department.

  • A Complete LSU Spirit Squad Application
  • A Front & Back Copy of Your Insurance Card
  • Forms Must Include Proof of Academic Grades & Admissions

During each of the phases of the spirit squad tryout process, candidates will be evaluated through their own performance. During phase 1 of the tryouts, there are multiple cuts during the week all the way through to the tryout weekend.

During phase 2 of the tryouts, candidates participate in additional evaluations, where performances from phase 1 are assessed. By the end of phase 2, there are additional practice days to complete.

Phase 3 of the tryouts is an intensive week of practising before school begins. Should any cuts be necessary, this is when it happens.

Overall, the evaluators are assessing the ability of the participants to maintain standards of excellence. If the participants work well with coaches and one another, they generally make it through.

As an example, during the 2021-2022 LSU cheerleading tryouts, the schedule comprised the following stages:

  • Tryout packets due by 5PM CST on 5/13
  • Video submissions due by midnight 5/15
  • Cuts announced by 5/17
  • Video chat interviews held 5/18
  • Phase two candidates announced 5/20

LSU Cheerleaders Instagram

The LSU cheerleaders have a vibrant social media account on Instagram where they routinely post HD action shots of their cheerleading prowess. There are several LSU cheerleading accounts on Instagram, including the following:

The LSU cheerleading account on Instagram – #GeauxTigers has hundreds of posts and 34.7K followers, and growing fast.

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LSU Cheerleaders Nickname

The LSU Cheerleading squad go by the name ‘Golden Girls’.

There is also an LSU Tiger Girls Dance Team and these girls perform at home football games, gymnastics events, baseball games, and men's and women's basketball games.

LSU Cheerleaders Outfit

The signature colors of the LSU Cheerleading outfit are purple, gold, and white. The girls wear Coliseum purple LSU Tigers Pinky Cheer Dresses.

There are also purple LSU Tigers One-Piece Cheer Dresses, and LSU Tigers Cheerleader Bodysuit Dresses. The school’s color configuration – purple and gold – exemplifies the majesty of this top-tier college cheerleading outfit!

What outfits do you wear at the LSU cheerleader tryouts?

Female attire includes fitted shorts and sleeveless waste length sports tops. Girls must have their hair half up, in a bow at the back – no pony tails allowed.

Male attire includes polo style T-shirts, or gym shorts with T-shirts and with clean cut appearance.

Former LSU Cheerleaders

It comes as no surprise that LSU cheerleaders are the creme de la creme. Over the years, many extraordinary LSU cheerleaders have featured on the grand stage.

These include LSU cheerleader Kelsey Collins who was included in the Inside Cheerleading Magazine 2011 Collegiate All-American Team.

Scores of Louisiana State University cheerleading alumni and sporting legends have graced the stage over the years.

In 2019, Shaquille O’Neal wowed the crowds as he lifted a 100-pound LSU cheerleader over his head, and pumped up the football team with his presence.

LSU Cheerleaders - Links:

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