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7 Top UFC Fighters on Instagram

Stipe Miocic

The heavyweight champion of the world boasts a record of 20 wins, 3 losses, and 0 draws. Stipe has a record of 15 wins by KO, and has 3 pound-for-pound ranking award. He has a 52% striking accuracy, and a 38% grappling accuracy. In his last three UFC bouts, he won twice in UFC 252, UFC 241, and lost to Cormier in UFC 226.

He has 1.3M followers on Instagram with hundreds of posts and some pretty awesome pictures of his training montages, and fights!

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Khabib Nurmagomedov is the Iron Eagle of the UFC. A champion by design, and an unstoppable force in the ring, he has endured the and triumphed over the toughest competition, As the lightweight champion, he has an unbeatable record of 28 wins and 0 losses. He has a 28 fight win streak with 8 wins by KO, and 8 wins by submission.

Khabib has a striking accuracy of 50%, and a grappling accuracy of 45%. His last three fights were big wins, including UFC 223, UFC 229, and UFC 242.

UPDATE: News recently broke that Khabib Nurmagomedov has officially retired after defeating Justin Gaethje on Saturday October 24, 2020.

He has 21.3M followers on Instagram and does all the talking with his fists, feet, and powerful grappling.

Petr Yan

Petr Yan has a 9 win fight streak. With 6 wins by KO and 7 wins by decision, his performances speak volumes. Petra Yan has a striking accuracy of 46% and a grappling accuracy of 53%. His last bout was against Aldo at UFC 251.  At UFC 245 he beat Faber, and at UFC 238 he beat Rivera.

He has 757K followers on Instagram, with hundreds of posts to boot. He proudly displays his belts, his family, and his training regimens for all to see. A true champion!

Marlon Moraes

Marlon ‘Magic Moraes’ is the #1 contender in the Bantamweight Division.  He has an impressive fight record comprising 23 wins, 6 losses, and 1 draw. His stats reflect 10 wins by KO, and 6 wins by submission. His striking accuracy is at 35%, and 25% grappling accuracy. In his last three bouts he has recorded 2 wins (UFC 245, and UFC Fight Night). He lost against Cejudo at UFC 238.

Marlon ‘Magic Moraes’ has 168K followers on Instagram and is one heck of an active athelete. Fans can catch him during his training regimens, river rafting exploits, and giving press conferences to eager MMA fans!

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Alexander Volkanovski

Alexander Volkanovski is a featherweight champion of note! His incredible record speaks volumes with 22 wins, 1 loss, and 0 draws. Volkanovski boasts an 18 fight win streak, with 11 wins by KO, and 3 wins by submission. His striking accuracy stands at 57%, with a grappling accuracy of 35%.

His last three fights include UFC 251 against Holloway (Postponed), a win at UFC 245 against Holloway, and a win at UFC 237 against Aldo.

Volkanovski is pretty active outside of the ring on Instagram, with 286K followers, and almost 1000 posts. He can be seen power lifting, enjoying walks out in the wilderness with his family, and training hard as hell to keep his star power burning bright.

Kamaru Usman

Kamaru Usman is the true ‘Nigerian Nightmare’ – a ferocious fighter with the power of a lion, and the skill of an assassin. Kamaru Usman is the reigning welterweight champion with a near-impeccable record of 17 wins, 1 loss, and 0 draws.

Throughout his impressive career, he has enjoyed a 15 fight win streak, with 7 of his victories coming by way of KO, and 8 wins by decision. His striking accuracy is at 53%, and his grappling accuracy is at 51%.

Over his last three scheduled fights, he won 2 of them (UFC 245 vs Covington, and UFC 235 vs Woodley). UFC 251 against Masvidal was postponed.

Born in Auchi, Nigeria, Kamaru Usman is a legend to home fans, and a growing audience of UFC fans worldwide. His Instagram account is stacked with 1.4M followers, and an impressive number of fans waiting in the wings.

Dominik Reyes

The #1 contender in the Light Heavyweight Division, Dominik Reyes, is known as the Devastator in the UFC world. He’s a lean, mean, fighting machine with blunt force trauma capability in his powerful fists. With a record of 12 wins, 1 loss, and 0 draws, Dominick Reyes is the master of the ring.

7 of his wins come by way of KO, and 4 victories have been first round finishes – not too shabby considering he’s fought only 13 times. Reyes has a 49% striking accuracy, with 17% grappling accuracy (a number we feel should be significantly higher).

Reyes only loss was against Jon Jones at UFC 247. He won at Fight Night against Weidman and defeated Oezdemir at another Fight Night Challenge too. While he fights in the LHD, he hardly looks the part of a prize fighter, with a lean physique and no discernible muscle striations to be seen.

Beware, this prize fighter is certainly up to the challenge.

Dominick Reyes, ‘The Devastator’ has 277K followers on Instagram and plenty of posts of his friends, fight fans, outdoor activities, and his personal interests. His social media account is a true testament to his prowess as a leading MMA star.

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*Photo courtesy of AP and John Locher

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