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Best Premier League Soccer Teams

Let's take a look at the English Premier League as we head off onto the field of play with our soccer pros. Get ready, get set, this is about to get real in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! It's go-time soccer fans!
Brett Chatz
By Brett Chatz
April 2,2020

UEFA Champions League 2 of 2

The UEFA Champions League continues in earnest with Round 2 of 2. In this post, sports expert Brett Chatz looks at the likely performances of the top teams.
Brett Chatz
By Brett Chatz
March 11,2020

Champions League Round of 16

The current champions are Liverpool FC, with their 6th title. As a soccer aficionado/sports bettor, you no doubt want some insights into this glorious competition.
By 888sport
February 18,2020