What the Heck Did They Just Say?

Ready for some action? We're going to serve up plenty of winners right here at the premier US bookmaker 888 Sport NJ. Right, let’s get started with the tennis match between Youzhny and Almagro. The players had one set each, and the third set was 5:4 in favor of Almagro. It was deuce, and that's when the meltdown began… Let's just say it was a non-verbal meltdown but it was brutal!

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Next up, we take you to key Biscayne, Florida where Miloslav Mecir takes on legendary tennis great, Ivan Lendl. A powerful player in his own right, Mecir brought big match temperament to the game but he couldn't help having a few jabs at Lendl who kept complaining about being distracted by all the towels scattered about the court. This one is less of a rant and more of a taunt, but it got plenty of crowd reaction in the stands.

Can You Feel The Heat Yet? Let's Crank Up the Gas!

Now we’re cooking! Let's go down to one of the most epic battles ever to take place on centre court in Wimbledon. The year was 1981. The match was nothing like the 1980 contest between John McEnroe took on Swedish tennis ace Bjorn Borg . The 1981 contest will down as arguably the most rivalrous tennis contest of the ages. On June 22, McEnroe had an epic meltdown on the court in front of umpire Edward James.

PS McEnroe went on to defeat Bjorg. This one simply has to be seen to be believed!

We are about to ramp things up with another tennis tension. This time it's between Ebden and Fish. The first set went to Ebden 6:3. Players are tied in the second set, and Fish is serving. It's 4:4, and Deuce. Watch what happens at the ATP World Tour, BNP Paribas contest as things go horribly awry.

You may believe that the world's best players rise above the noise and play with dignity, respect, and self-assuredness – irrespective of the umpire’s calls.

This isn't always the case, since many great players have to argue their case one way or the other. With so much riding on every single point, sometimes these guys and gals have to make their voices heard. We are going to take a look at the likes of Nick Kyrgios, Roger Federer, and Serena Williams in the next video.

This one’s a livewire!

Rafael Nadal is a tennis legend – there's no two ways about it. Most folks agree that he keeps his cool 95% of the time. The other 5%, he's mildly irritated at best. The guy’s composure is the reason he has enjoyed phenomenal success in the sport. Occasionally though, he gets irate – but that's okay. In this particular instance, Nadal believed that the ball was out, while it was in by 1 mm on the sidelines.

There are some other instances of Nadal having words with the umpires at the French Open, when he's playing against Youzhny. Watch what happens when he watches the replay…

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*Image provided by MARCIO JOSE SANCHEZ  and AP

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