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Betting on football is a breeze at 888sport. Our fully licensed and regulated online bookmaker proudly displays the NJ DGE (Division of Gaming Enforcement) seal of approval. That is your guarantee that we are 100% legit in the state of New Jersey. You can confidently bet football games at your leisure, on PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

With live in-play football betting available, you never need to miss an opportunity to bet in NJ on your favorite football teams. We've got the best NFL odds in the business – come on over and place a football bet with us. Pick your star teams from the American Football Conference (AFC), or the National Football Conference (NFC), and enjoy betting on football throughout the season.

888sport is guaranteed safe and secure, 24/7. Our Fort Knox-style security systems utilize SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology to protect the integrity of your account. With firewall protection and account verification procedures in effect, you can tackle all your favorite football bets, punt and rush towards the end zone where winners are crowned.

The best NFL odds online

Whether you're a fan of NFC teams or AFC teams, we've got the best NFL odds online guaranteed. Go big or go home with the San Francisco 49ers, New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers, or Seattle Seahawks. You’re literally moments away from unlocking unbeatable football betting lines on top AFC teams like the New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, Houston Texans, and Kansas City Chiefs.

Football is life. 888sport is your ticket to the big leagues, the Champions Arena where winners are crowned. We've got a wide selection of football betting options available to you. You can pick futures bets like the NFL Championship with long-term odds on top teams like the New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs, or Baltimore Ravens. Check out our NFL calendar for all the future events, and place your bets accordingly.

Get the best college football lines

Before they hit the NFL, they rise through the ranks of the NCAAF. At 888sport NJ, we've got the best college football lines on NCAAF and CFL matches. We’ve got tight spreads and unbeatable moneylines for you to choose from. You can place bets way into the future, with competitive football betting odds and spreads. We guarantee the best football betting odds online, every time. Enjoy college football? We follow all the college football action with all the teams, 24/7.

You can bet on LSU, Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Georgia, Baylor, Oregon, and all the best college football teams. We brings news to you from the American Athletic Conference, with American West and American East teams. We bring you the latest insights, analysis, and predictions from the Atlantic Coast Football teams with the ACC Coastal and the ACC Atlantic. We wrap it up with the Big Ten (Big Ten East and Big Ten West) and the Big 12, as well as Conference USA (C-USA West and C-USA East) – betting on football has never been easier!

Get the inside scoop on football betting

888sport is proud to bring you all the action from the field of play, direct to your screen on PC, Mac, and mobile. Our in-house sportswriters work around-the-clock to bring you breaking news from the world of football. We cover all the biggest football stories, and make plenty of headlines ourselves. Check out our 888sport blog for the hottest behind-the-scenes action from the pitch, where gridiron superstars lock horns in a battle for domination. Whether it's NFL or NCAAF, you can trust our sports masters to bring you the best betting tips from the world of football.

Types of football bets at 888sport

We are proud to bring you lots of variety in your football betting selections. We've got live in-play football betting where you can place bets on football games as they are taking place. These games feature dynamic odds which are continually changing to reflect the state of the game. Now, you can bet football games on Android and iOS, whenever games are taking place. We keep our spreads as tight as possible so that you get maximum bang for your buck on your football betting selections.

Check out our live and upcoming matches, and futures football bets. Each football bet has a money line and a point spread. We encourage you to read about money lines betting, so that you understand what the + and - signs mean in football betting, with underdog teams and favorites. With money lines, you're in the money if your team wins. With point spreads, your team has to win within the margin of victory to get paid out. Luckily, we make this easy for you at 888sport. Register now to get started with the best football betting lines in the Garden State. We make football betting online fun, safe, and secure!


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