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The Masters Tournament ranks among the most prestigious golfing events in the world. The Masters began in 1934, and comprises 72 holes played over 4 days. The winner of this grueling contest captures the coveted Green Jacket, arguably the most prized possession in professional golf, along with a special place in the annals of golf’s greatest champions.

Founded by the legendary golfer Bobby Jones, and an investment banker named Clifford Roberts, the Masters has become the premier professional golf tournament in the world. Golf fans across New Jersey can now legally bet on the Masters, thanks to the 2018 SCOTUS decision to allow individual US states to determine to their own sports betting regulations. The Garden State fast-tracked legal online sports betting with top bookmakers.

Stats indicate that the Masters is one of the most-watched golf tournaments in the world, with millions of people glued to their screens as champions like Tiger Woods odds Masters get to work.

How to get the best Masters odds online

The most popular Masters bet is on the winner of the Masters, with odds provided for placings. The top-ranked golfers are each given odds to win Masters, based on their prior performance in the competition, and their current form. Legendary golfers routinely compete in this illustrious event, including the likes of Tiger Woods, Justin Thomas, John Rahm, Rory McIlroy, and Brooks Koepka.

The players may change, but the Masters remains the most auspicious tournament of the golf majors. 888sport provides competitive golf odds for all tournaments, including the Masters, the US Open, The Open Championship, The Solheim Cup, The Ryder Cup, The Presidents Cup, and the US PGA Championship.

Odds to win Masters tournaments are provided well in advance, and they are known as futures bets; upcoming events that golf fans can bet on. Golf betting odds are available for each of the professional golf tournaments taking place. For the PGA Tour, there are PGA odds for dozens of professional golf tournaments all over the world. The majority of PGA Tour golf tournaments are played in the US and Canada.

The U.S. Open a.k.a. the United States Open Championship is played annually in the US. It is the third professional major championship in the golf world, and features prominently in the European Tour and the PGA Tour. You can get the best US Open odds at 888sport.

PGA Golf resources for the best Masters odds

Golf betting takes place throughout the year with 6 major betting events available to sports fans. These include the U.S. Open, the Ryder Cup, the Solheim Cup, the Masters, the Open Championship, the Presidents Cup, and the US PGA Championship. Each of these events features a variety of betting options for New Jersey golf fans.

You can easily see the odds to win Masters tournaments. Pick your preferred golfer, place a bet, and it will be added to your bet slip. There are Tournament Bets on the Masters and All leagues bets on the Masters. At 888sport, you can even bet on the Masters on the go. Full mobile access is available on Android and iOS devices, with live in-play betting. This PGA golf resource means you never have to miss an eagle or a birdie ever again.

Legendary players like Tiger Woods odds Masters and other wizards of the golf world are readying for sensational golf plays in these championship events. 888sport provides a comprehensive set of live betting options to keep you in the loop, on every play. Dynamic golf odds ensure that you are in the thick of it as the momentum swings back and forth in these competitive tournaments.

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Golf betting includes a variety of bets such as proposition bets, match bets, and nationality bets, among others. As a fully regulated online sports book, 888sport makes it easy for you to place golf bets online. There are favorites and there are underdogs in golf, just like there are in every other sport.

Golf bets include first-round leaders, each way bets, tournament lines and other betting options. There are golf bets on the best score for individual holes too. Perhaps the most exciting form of betting is live betting on PGA golf. The most popular form of live betting is a straight up bet on the winner during the final round of play.

Betting on golf is challenging, given the huge pool of talent competing in these tournaments. That's why it important to use resources like the 888sport golf tips for additional insights into the game. Player performances vary from one course to the next, with overhead weather conditions playing a big part in golf outcomes.

Our competitive PGA odds guarantee that you have the best possible payout when you bet on golf at 888sport NJ.

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