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The PGA Championship first teed off in 1916, and has now become one of the world’s most prestigious sporting contests. The PGA Championship is one of 4 Majors on the golf calendar. Competitors go head-to-head in pursuit of the coveted Rodman Wanamaker Trophy. 

Scores of top-ranked players from the world’s Top 100 golfers play in the PGA Championship every year. To compete in the PGA Championship, a player has to make the cut. The top 70 players are selected, and they are invited to participate in all 4 rounds of play.

The U.S. PGA is one of the most heavily bet on golf tournaments in the world. Luckily, legal-age sports bettors can enjoy Open Championship odds right here at 888sport – the premier online bookmaker for Garden State golf fans. Every year, there are 4 golf Majors – the PGA Championship is the second Major of the year.

Other Majors include the Masters, The US Open, and The Open. The PGA Tour is not the same as the U.S. PGA – the PGA Tour is not a major; it’s a series of golf tournaments taking place all over the world. The leading PGA Championship title holders of all time include Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Walter Hagen.

How to bet on the PGA Championship

The U.S. PGA Championship is a hot-ticket betting item for golf fans. Leading online bookmaker 888sport offers Tournament Bets on the Winner of the U.S. PGA Championship, with win/place terms offered on the top golfers. Sports bettors can simply select a PGA golfer from the list of 100 displayed participants.

The favorites for Winner of the US PGA Championship feature with the lowest odds, and the underdogs have the longshot odds with massive payout potential. It is exceptionally challenging to call it right with PGA Championship golf, given the exceptional skills of each golfer in the tournament. Once you have placed your golf bet, it is added to your bet slip.

PGA odds indicate how much you stand to win if your bet selection comes in. At odds of +800, a $100 bet will pay $800 if the golfer wins the PGA Championship. At odds of +100,000, a $100 bet will pay $100,000 if the golfer wins the PGA championship. The odds to win PGA Championship golf events are calculated by oddsmakers, and the top contenders typically finish in the money.

Betting Options for Professional Golf Championships

Sports bettors across New Jersey have plenty of golf championships to bet on. These include the Open Championship, The Masters, The Presidents Cup, The US Open, The Solheim Cup, and the Ryder Cup. The golf tournaments features competitive PGA odds, Masters odds, and U.S. Open odds. Sports bettors get to enjoy the best Open Championship odds at your premier bookmaker, 888sport sportsbook NJ.

Plus, you can also bet on the go, with live in-play golf betting as the tournaments are taking place. This guarantees that golf fans are getting the best odds as players are teeing off, chipping, putting, and advancing through rounds of play. You'll never have to miss a birdie or an eagle ever again with live in-play betting on golf. To get started, simply get the bet app from the App Store or download the Android app instantly.

Sink Winners with 888Sport

888sport brings you all the stats you need to make informed betting decisions on the PGA Championship. You get the best PGA odds in town, including top Masters odds, and Open Championship odds too. For each U.S. PGA Championship selection, you can see all of the statistics in real time. Plus, you can easily navigate to the 888sport blog for the latest news, reviews, and analysis from the PGA circuit. These useful resources make golf betting much easier.

Golf bets include many unique betting options that you cannot find in other sports. For example, you can place bets on who achieves a hole-in-one, which team wins – European or American, place bets on double chance a.k.a. 2 potential golf winners, or go for double bets with exact placements.

Other golf bets include 3-ball bets, 6-shooter bets, head-to-head bets, top 5 placement or top 10 placement, first-round winners, and winners of the PGA Championship, Ryder Cup, or Masters.

It's tough to call a winner in a golf tournament because many factors come into play, notably overhead weather conditions, the performance of up-and-coming stars, or sometimes a great golfer misses crucial putts.

With an abundance of talent competing in PGA golf tournaments, it's comforting to know that 888sport has got your back with the best golf betting odds to win PGA Championship events.

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