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US Open Golf Odds at 888sport

The US Open Golf Championship is 1 of 4 golf Majors, the others being the British Open, the PGA Championship, and the Masters. This 72-hole golf tournament is considered by many professional golfers to be the creme de la creme of the Golf Majors. 888sport provides competitive betting odds to win US Open championship, with PC, Mac, and mobile betting.

This prestigious golf championship remains one of the most highly anticipated sporting events on the golf calendar. Millions of sports fans tune in to watch the world's most talented golfers competing for glory, and the coveted silver US Open Trophy.

Arguably the toughest scoring Major golf tournament of all, the US Open pits professional golfers against one another in pursuit of legendary status. Some 156 players compete in the US Open, including place winners in sectional qualifying rounds, and players who are exempt from qualifying rounds.

US Open Betting Options

U.S. Open golf odds feature prominently with sports bettors, with popular betting options like Tournament Bets on the Winner of the U.S. Open, with odds provided for Win/Place terms on individual golfers. Single bets on golf remain hot favorites for bettors, with competitive odds allocated to the strongest performing golfers to win the U.S. Open Championship.

Sports betting odds factor multiple elements into the equation, including current player rankings, reigning U.S. Open champions, and PGA Tour rankings, among others. 888sport betting odds rank among the best in the industry, with competitive PGA Championship odds to win Major golf tournaments.

This illustrious contest extends invitations to amateur and professional golfers featuring a USGA handicap index of ≤ 1.4.

Players can enjoy unique betting options for the U.S. Open Golf Championship, including:

  • Match-Play Betting
  • Hole-in-One Betting
  • Head-to-Head Betting
  • Each Way Golf Betting
  • Top Nationality Betting
  • First-Round Leaderboard
  • The 5 Five, The Top 10, The Top 20

Remember: Our British Open Odds are just as competitive as our US Open Odds! We’re not putting to save par; we’re teeing off for Eagles and Birdies with the best golf odds in New Jersey.

Amazing History of the US Open Golf Championship

The US Open kicked off on 4 October 1895, as a 9-hole golf course located at Newport Golf and Country Club, Rhode Island. At the time, 1 amateur golfer and 10 pro golfers competed in the 36-hole tournament. Horace Rawlins won the contest and a prize of $150. The current format of 18 holes taking place over 4 days was put into effect in 1965.

In 2012, a Chinese player named Andy Zhang became the youngest-ever U.S. Open golf competitor at the age of 14. By 2014, some 10,127 golfers qualified for this golf Major – a record. With so many entrants, golf bettors turn to leading bookmakers like 888sport to get the best US Open odds.

Over the years, many US Open records have been shattered by legendary golfers. The youngest ever winner was John J. McDermott in 1911 at just 19 years of age, while the oldest ever winner was Hale Irwin in 1990, at 45 years of age. In 2000, Tiger Woods made history by winning the US Open by a margin of 15 strokes, and Arnold Palmer defied critics to come from 7 behind and win the U.S. Open in 1960.

Of all the professional golfers who have won all 4 Golf Majors, none of them have completed the Grand Slam. Many feel that Bobby Jones should qualify, but that was during the pre-Masters era. Tiger Woods succeeded in winning 4 consecutive Majors, known as the ‘Tiger Slam’, but not in the same year. 5 pro golfers throughout history have notched up wins on all 4 majors, including Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Gene Sarazen, Gary Player, and Ben Hogan.

How to Bet on the US Open Golf

888sport is home to plenty of golf betting options. The U.S. Open championship is one of the preeminent golfing Majors. By far the most popular bet for the US Open is the winner of the U.S. Open Championship.

Getting started with golf betting is a breeze – simply select the US Open from the Golf Category and pick your selections. Your bets will be added to your bet slip, where you will find the most competitive golf odds.

All of the US Open favorites are listed at the top of the betting ticket. These professional golfers have the best chance of winning the Major. The golfers will have odds allocated to them, typically denoted with +800, +1000, and higher.

The larger the (+) number, the less likely that golfer is to win the US Open. U.S. Open golfers with the best odds are considered the favorites, while those with longshot odds are considered the underdogs.

Picking a US Open Favorite or an Underdog?

888sport betting odds have plenty of variation between the top-ranked U.S. Open golfer, and the least likely candidate to win, from +800 through +100,000. To calculate your potential winnings, simply multiply your bet size by the odds.

Luckily, 888sport features a Bet Slip Calculator which automatically determines how much you stand to win (potential payout) if your US Open golfer pulls through.  Regardless of who you pick, you are guaranteed of the best Masters odds at 888sport.

Golf fans are also invited to enjoy dynamic odds with live betting sessions. With live-in play betting, you can follow the action at the US Open golf championship while the golfers are playing the tournament, in real time.

Cutting-edge technology ensures uninterrupted golf betting action, with stats, updates, and real-time news. To get started, simply download the live betting app for Android or iOS on your smartphone or tablet.

Ready to Tee off? Get started with New Jersey's top online bookmaker – the home of US Open Championship golf!