What is a Round Robin Bet?

Round Robin betting is based on the concept of a Round Robin tournament, where individual sports teams play against one another once. For Round Robin betting, the bettor typically chooses between 3 and 8 betting lines. Then, the bettor combines these bets into multiple parlays of 2 - 7 teams.

With this guide we answer all you need to know about round robin betting:

Round Robin betting is an exciting addition to the sports betting scene, since you can win your money back when you hit at least 1 winning combination. In essence, a Round Robin bet is a quick and easy way of playing multiple parlays at the same time.

'What is a Round Robin meaning to teach bettors… to hedge against losses.'

Round Robin bets are also known as ‘Trixie Bets’. Bettors have the option to place different types of sports bets such as spread bets, moneyline bets, and totals bets.

With Round Robin parlays, the minimum number of bets that you can place is 3 in a combination of individual parlay bets, with no maximum.

If you're looking to make a series of bets, Round Robins certainly make sense. The beauty of placing Round Robin bets – as you're about to see - is that you can miss one bet as the 3 teams in your selection are paired in twos.

In the next section, we’re going to take a look at how Round Robin parlays work. To get you started, get your free bet no deposit at 888sport NOW!

How do Round Robin Parlays Work?

We have decided to go with 3 popular NFL teams to show you how Round Robin parlays work. You could just as easily place Round Robin bets on NBA teams, MLB teams, MLS teams, and many others.

Our selection includes the New York Giants, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the San Francisco 49ers. Round Robin bets allow you to cover all the bases and they are a great way to hedge against losses.

It's easy to get ahead of yourself by choosing too many legs in multi-parlay combinations, so it's always best to limit selections. Let's see the Round Robin bet in action!

  • New York Giants -3
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +7
  • San Francisco 49ers -6

Rather than creating a 3-team parlay bet for the NFL lines listed above, you can place a Round Robin bet and create multiple 2-team parlay bets from these 3 lines.

Parlay #1

  • New York Giants -3
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +7

Bet $10 to win $26 at 2.6:1 betting odds.

Parlay #2

  • New York Giants-3
  • San Francisco 49ers-6

Bet $10 to win $26 at 2.6:1 betting odds.

Parlay #3

  • Pittsburgh Steelers +7
  • San Francisco 49ers -6

Bet $10 to win $26 at 2.6:1 betting odds.

There are 3 parlay bets placed above, with the total cost of $30. With a Round Robin bet, your betting ticket will display 3x 2-team parlays at $10 each bet (as shown above).

Typically, you would have to place these bets individually over a longer time, but with Round Robin betting, you can make all your bets at the same time before the lines change.


How Do You Win A Round Robin Bet?

Let's turn our attention to another example to illustrate how you win a Round Robin bet. This time around we are going to choose NBA teams in groups of 2s, with 4 teams competing.

In this example, the following NBA teams are playing:

  • Chicago Bulls – Team A
  • Boston Celtics – Team B
  • Los Angeles Lakers – Team C
  • Golden State Warriors – Team D

Remember, we have to group 2 teams together for Round Robin Betting. So, in the above tournament, we can cover all the following options:

  • Team A vs Team B with a $100 bet to win $260
  • Team A vs Team C with a $100 bet to win $260
  • Team A vs Team D with a $100 bet to win $260
  • Team B vs Team C with a $100 bet to win $260
  • Team B vs Team D with a $100 bet to win $260
  • Team C vs Team D with a $100 bet to win $260

If you win on all the bets, the total bets you will place amount to $600 – that's $100 for each 2-team parlay bet. The above betting odds are 2.6:1, meaning that you can win back $160 profit on every successful bet. The other $100 is the cost of your bet.

Incidentally, these betting odds are standard for parlays. With Round Robin betting, you can still finish in the money a.k.a. be profitable, if one leg of the parlay fails. Each bet in a parlay is an independent event. If all the bets come in, you land a big payout.

Are Round Robin Bets Worth It?

Absolutely! As a new sports bettor, you may not want to risk too much with parlay bets. By setting up a Round Robin bet, you can really maximize your return on investment while minimizing your overall risk.

To clarify this, it's worth understanding the costs involved in a traditional parlay bet. With parlay bets, you are combining 2+ bets into 1 bet.

Recall that in order for the whole parlay to win, each bet in the parlay must win. This is why parlay bets are much riskier than Round Robin bets. Let's say you had a 6-team parlay bet and 5 bets won, but you lost on one of them - you would forfeit your entire bet.

Round Robin Bets are available at 888sport in New Jersey. They allow you to select the number of legs you want in the parlay, and how much you would like to bet on each option.

The more lines you include in your Round Robin bet, the more complicated it will be. You're much more likely to make a mistake when there are too many combinations involved.

Keep things simple with 3-line Round Robin bets to begin with. The beauty of a Round Robin is that you don't need all your teams to win to come away profitable. You can still break even if one leg fails – that's much better than a traditional parlay bet which requires all teams in the parlay to win.

It's best to think of Round Robin bets as a middle ground between straight up bets and individual parlays. Remember: You can still win if one of your Round Robin bets fails - so Round Robin bets are definitely worth it!


What Strategies are Recommended for Round Robin Betting?

There are many instances where you can benefit from employing Round Robin betting on your ticket. If you have a good feeling about multiple games, you will want to consider our Round Robin betting tips.

With parlays, you need all the individual bets to come good in order to see profitable results. If just one leg of a parlay fails, the whole bet is worth $0. With a typical parlay bet, you can group multiple games together into a single bet with better odds, but remember that just one loss ruins the whole bet for you.

With Round Robin bets, you can finish in the money when all your teams come in, or still be profitable if one of them fails. Now, remember that these bets are much more expensive than parlays, but you have the added safety of risk mitigation – a hedge – in the event of failure. These bets are sizzling-hot options in the NJ sports betting scene.

The strategy is clear: invest more in Round Robin bets on games you’re fairly confident of, rather than losing your entire bet in a parlay when one selection fails. Save your bankroll from parlay failures, place Round Robin bets!

Can You Do an Each Way Round Robin Bet?

An ‘Each Way Bet’, otherwise known as E/W or EW is really 2 separate bets. The one bet is placed on the race horse to win, and the other bet is on the horse to place in one of the positions in the race.

The benefit of an ‘Each Way Bet’ is that returns are guaranteed if your bet selection places, or wins. With ‘Each Way Bets’, the cost is the sum of the bet on the horse to place and the bet on the horse to win.

In a Round Robin bet, you are betting on the results on multiple pairs of matches or contests, with a minimum of 3 lines, typically up to 8 lines.

With ‘Each Way’ betting, this is limited to horse racing, not for NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, MLS, or other selections. It's an entirely distinct bet, and you are betting twice as much for this bet.

What Are the Most Popular Sports for Round Robin Bets?

Round Robin Betting is one of the most attractive selections available to sports bettors in tournaments. When multiple teams compete against one another, a Round Robin bet is a terrific option. You can choose between 3-8 lines, combine them in parlays with 2-6 teams.

By using a Round Robin betting structure, you can place multiple parlays in double-quick time. When you're confident about specific selections, it's best to use Round Robin betting on sports like MLB, NBA, MLS, NHL, NFL, and the like.

How to Confidently Place a Round Robin Bet

Making a Round Robin bet is fairly straightforward. Navigate to the betting selections at the bookmaker and pick the number of parlays you wish to bet on. Next, choose the amount you wish to wager and create a Round Robin parlay. With up to 8 unique lines available, things can get complicated with 5-event parlay bets.

Keeps things simple from the get-go, and as you grow in confidence you can increase the number of teams to include in your Round Robin bets.

Now that you have the Round Robin bet explained, and you know how it all works, you can confidently place NFL Round Robin bets at 888sport!


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